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Ging Gang Goolie

After Nucky leaves, in my favorite moment of the episode, Means emerges from the wardrobe in the room and remarks on Nucky's frankness. Harry instructs Means to give Nucky a "lesson in physics."

Back in Atlantic City, a group of WWI veterans have convened in a bar, and they're airing a whole lot of grievances about the government's treatment of them since they've returned. Dissatisfaction with Harding and the Veterans Bureau are sky high. Into this group comes Richard Harrow, and at the sight of him, one rabble-rouser (himself missing an arm) asks incredulously if the Veterans Bureau gave him disability. Harrow says he was told that his injuries didn't prevent him from achieving gainful employment, so no. The room grumbles at this, all "What does it take, if this guy can't get disability?" Someone says they should get a petition started like they talked about. From the end of the bar, a grizzled older man asks if they're all done with their bellyaching so he can get a drink. He then mutters, "France, big fuckin' deal," because rather than WWI, this guy's a veteran of the war in the Philippines. Someone talks about how that conflict was about bringing democracy to the savages, but the man -- Sagorsky, for sake of specificity -- says that's bullshit, that war was fought for the sugar trust. Some little baby-face says he sounds like a Bolshevik, but Sagorsky tells the kid to grow up. He then turns to Richard and says, "What are you looking at, Half-Moon?" The bartender tells him to shut the fuck up and drink his drink. Both men posture at each other, and the bartender points to a sign and says, "Tomorrow's fight night." So apparently now the bartender and Sagorsky are going to fight at the bar in some official capacity tomorrow. Looking forward!

At the train station in D.C., Nucky's about to board when two federal agents stop and harass him. They tells him to stick around and see the sights ("Lincoln Memorial's almost finished..."), while Nucky plays along and says he's got an Broadway show to see. They reveal that they're Justice Department agents, which has to tell Nucky everything he needs to know about what's happening here. They point to a bag he's holding, and while he says it's cough syrup, they search him and obviously it's booze. They place Nucky under arrest for possession of an illegal substance and sock him in the gut for good measure.

Back in A.C., Margaret is reviewing a newsletter that's been sent to her from none other than Margaret Sanger, called Birth Control Review. Margaret (Thompson, that is) has danced around Ms. Sanger's work before on this show, but not this directly. She's interrupted by one of the maids telling her that Cornelia's here. Downstairs, Cornelia has some upsetting news: seems she caught Teddy on her property, carrying a can of kerosene and some rags. She's being very nice about it and assures Margaret that no one else will hear about it. She simply hands Margaret the oil and rags and leaves her to speak to her son. Which she does. He immediately says he didn't set the greenhouse fire and that he was in Cornelia's garage because he saw the gypsy again and he was going to start another fire. Margaret now hears all this gypsy talk in a more disturbing light. This feels like the origin story of a comic book villain named The Gypsy, to be honest. She hollers at him, saying she doesn't know what to do with him anymore. He lies, he sneaks about, he is apparently setting fires; people could get hurt. Teddy has no real response to this. She administers a few half-hearted spankings, knowing such punishment won't make much of a difference, and sends him off of his room, out of ideas for how to properly deal with a burgeoning firebug.

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