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Ging Gang Goolie

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Ging Gang Goolie

Tabor Heights. Eli and Mickey are meeting with that sheriff who gave them the runaround. This time, though, in the wake of the boarding-house massacre last week, Rosetti has seemingly left town for good (to better plan his vengeance, I guess?), which leaves our friend the sheriff in a mighty compliant mood. He's all "Hey, what was I supposed to do? I had to play ball." Eli points a threatening finger in his face and says if Rosetti ever shows his face in town again, he's to alert them immediately. On their way out, Mickey asks if Rosetti was really wearing a dog collar because I guess word travels fast after a massacre.

In New York, Nucky arrives at the familiar-looking hotel room of Jimmy James (or Gaston Means, if you're a stickler for actual character names), only instead of the customary empty fishbowl awaiting payoffs, the water and fish have been restored to their old residence, and a maid is busy cleaning the room. Nucky's confusion is met by an arriving George Remus, and both men puzzle over why Means is absent. Remus has a phone number he can call, which, tellingly, Nucky does not. Nucky opines that something is rotten in Harry Daugherty's organization, but Remus doesn't share that view. Nucky thinks he's been living under a rock -- after all, there's an entire Senate subcommittee looking into the Justice department. Remus can't finish his call because the maid insists that the phones are for guests only and threatens to call the house detective. Remus storms out like a jerk, leaving Nucky behind to hand the maid some cash and apologize for his rude contemporary: "He's from Cincinnati."

In Washington D.C., Harry Daugherty is speaking at a Boy Scout breakfast about the American values of honesty and preparedness or whatever. Jess Smith is on the dais with him, looking troubled and sweaty, even panicked. From the audience, Jimmy James looks upon Jess with great concern. After Daugherty's done, he returns to his seat next to Jess, but a scout leader gets up and starts rattling off all those Boy Scout buzzwords like "values" and "moral fiber" and "trustworthiness." Jess is having an actual nervous breakdown at this point, wondering how he let the corruption get this far: "We stole, Harry! We stole!" Finally, with Daugherty unable to calm him down, Jimmy James takes the stage and walks the poor son of a bitch off. Harry covers for Jess, saying he ate an undercooked sausage, and the three men scurry off while one of the scout troops serenades the room with a dorkily silly song called "Ging Gang Goolie," which of course is our episode title.

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