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Georgia Peaches

Jimmy and Angela are at home, looking out to the beach, making fun of a fat sunbather together. She tells him Tommy's at Gillian's; he tells her he's going to have to leave town for a few days. He seems to want her to get angry at him over not telling her why he's leaving, but she neither has the energy nor the inclination. He knows she's dissatisfied. He's going to make it up to her, make everything right in this town, be the man she wants him to be. She tells him a joke she heard out in town today; "A man goes into a hotel, ' I'd like a room and a bath.' Clerk says he can have the room, but you have to take the bath yourself." It's not funny, but I guess it's sexy? Because the two of them start making out.

Hospital. Emily's test results are in, and they don't look great. Looks like the paralysis is going to be permanent. Margaret looks vacant and destroyed. "Did your daughter pray?" she asks. Like it's an accusation. She just looks betrayed by the universe. Doc says the next step is to measure Emily for braces and send her home. Meanwhile, Teddy is at home, looking at photo of his family from back when his Dad was alive. Then he puts the Ty Cobb ball in his box. This kid is weird and trouble.

That night, at the Darmody house, we can hear the shower running as Manny Horvitz creeps around outside the windows. Angela is asleep in bed as he enters the house, gun drawn, silently stalking into the bedroom. He clamps a hand over Angela's mouth before she can wake up. She's terrified and tries to scream, but he's stronger. He drags her up, turns her to face the bathroom door, waiting for Jimmy to emerge. His gun is drawn. The bathroom door opens, and Manny fires. Right through the heart. Only SURPRISE! It's not Jimmy taking a post-coital shower but Fun Louise instead! What a swerve! Isn't the death of this fun lesbian so sad and ironic and a little hilarious? After all, Jimmy's life was just saved by his wife's lesbo infidelity. Thank God we got to see her bare breasts as she fell. Wouldn't want to deprive the HBO audience of their requisite full frontal nudity. Manny is agog at both his mistake and this Sapphic display in front of him. Angela runs to Louise's already dead body, sobbing. Gun still drawn, Manny demands to know where Jimmy is. Angela tells him he's gone and then begins to beg. She has a child. She offers him money. Manny looks like he might be swayed, but no. "Your husband did this to you," he tells her. BANG. Heap of hilarious dead lesbians in the corner. Aren't you SHOCKED?? Isn't this not at all what you expected?? Try to call Boardwalk Empire boring NOW. If you do, they might just take another character they never managed to write very well and kill them in the show-offiest way possible. Bleh.

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