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Georgia Peaches

At the post office, Van Alden is practicing his testimony for Randolph. He's focusing on Nucky's machinations with Chalky, but Randolph wants to talk about Hans Schroeder. Van Alden evades the topic -- he had a theory once but was told to focus on other things. Esther's like, "Okay, but off the record, you think he did it?" Van Alden says he has no doubt. He takes his leave, as Esther tells her men to "bring him in."

Manny Horvitz is at home when there's a knock on the door. He's understandably wary as he approaches, gun in hand, shoulder rattily bandaged. It's Mickey Doyle, so Manny lets him in. I have to say, I appreciate the comedy value of Mickey's Frankenstein walk now that he has the neck brace. "The walking wounded," Manny proclaims them both, "courtesy of Mr. Darmody." Mickey makes the unconvincing argument that Manny's shooting was all Waxey's doing. Manny uncovers his wound, both to air it out and to shove it in Mickey's face. Figuratively. For now. Mickey reveals a bottle of whiskey and says he'll give him five grand worth to settle Jimmy's debt. Manny is perturbed Jimmy doesn't bring it himself. He tosses Mickey the box of toothpicks he took from his would-be assassins, the one that says "Atlantic City" on it. Then he uses one to clean his wound, like, GAH! Mickey plays dumb and tries to calm Manny down. "You're still in business," he reminds him. "You don't have to deal with him anymore." Manny says he'll take the booze ... but he wants Mickey to tell him where he can find Jimmy. Mickey can't oblige -- "We're partners ... I have to protect his investment." At this, Manny begins to throttle Mickey about the throat (thank God for that neck brace, then!) in order to "change [his] mind."

Back in Atlantic City, Eli has been thrown in a jail cell. Esther pays him a visit and rubs it in that he's now a murder suspect, courtesy of everything Halloran's had to say about Hans Schroeder. "If you have anything to say about your brother," Esther tells him, "please be in touch."

Margaret is at home, emptying her jewelry box into her purse, including the envelope of cash she's been hiding away. She takes it to see Father Sour-Face (who has to hide his glass of red wine before she's shown in). He asks after her little one, and talk turns to how Margaret wants to grasp at hope, however unlikely. She wants her daughter to live and to grow and to run -- is that so bad? She seems to feel guilty, like this is her punishment. The priest brings up their earlier conversation, about an act of devotion. She pulls out her cash and jewels, to give to the church. He's all "This is very unusual, but go on..." She wants to show that she's willing to atone, with this lucrative donation. The priest encourages this filthy and misguided perversion of faith and takes the cash. Gross me out. He then asks, "Shall we pray?"

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