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Georgia Peaches

Back in Atlantic City, Margaret prays in church. Father Sour-Face from before is there, and Margaret tells him about Emily's polio. He reminds her that God is with Emily. Margaret: "...As he was when it happened." He brings up her earlier confession about being tempted by someone. "You ask of God," he lectures, "but what do you offer in return?" She simply says she offers devotion in returns. He tells her that devotion is an act that you demonstrate with actions. However she wants to interpret that.

Jimmy and Chalky meet up to discuss strike matters. They're not unfriendly to each other, though there is an undercurrent of adversarialism. Jimmy stresses that the mob with bats wasn't his idea; neither was the earlier Klan attack. Chalky wonders if ANYTHING is ever Jimmy's idea. He offers that he can make Chalky's murder charge go away by talking to the Governor. Chalky's listening. But he also wants justice for the families of the men who got killed; $3,000 apiece. And finally, he wants the three crackers who did the shooting delivered to him personally. Jimmy looks at Richard, then back to Chalky: he can't do that. "Well, buck," Chalky says. "That's the deal. There's always next tourist season."

In New York, Teddy is on phone, telling Margaret he'll be good. Nucky takes the phone and tells her goodnight. He then has a talk with the boy about his kid sister Susan, who was sick with consumption. His mother spent every waking moment taking care of her, and he and Eli got jealous. But we knew our mother loved us just the same. "How about your dad?" Teddy asks. Oh. Him. Nucky lies through his teeth that his father loved them too. Teddy then asks if Nucky's in trouble. Let's not give the kid too much credit -- headless men could have figured it out. "No," Nucky says. "Well, a little." Teddy thinks it's all about him burning down his father's house, which kind of takes Nucky's breath away. He had no idea Teddy saw that, and he explains that what he saw was an accident. Teddy, you can tell, is not buying it, but he says he won't tell.

At Mickey's, Jimmy arrives as the other chickens are squawking. They can't sell this whiskey as the city is drenched in Irish product. Jimmy knows it's Nucky who's behind it. So much for stepping down. Al says they shoulda killed Nucky long ago, but Jimmy blames Al for fucking that up. Meyer says he thought Jimmy had the coast guard in his pocket. Throughout this whole conversation, Lucky keeps sniping undermining statements about Jimmy to whoever will listen. Harrow pipes up about Nucky's man from Ireland who he's sure helped broker the deal. The natives are restless. Jimmy starts hollering at Lucky and Al, but Lansky, the one with his head in the game, always, says the issue at hand is unloading this liquor. He proposes they split it up and sell it back in their respective home territories. Jimmy whines that Atlantic City IS his home territory. Lucky says to sell in Philly, then. Yeeeeah, not under Manny's nose. Jimmy tells Mickey to take Philly, he'll head north in Jersey. He then kicks a crate and generally acts like a brat. And after he leaves, again, everybody again looks at him suuuuuper warily.

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