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Georgia Peaches

At home that night, Teddy is saying his prayers with Margaret. She asks if he wants to say a special prayer for Emily, and Teddy obliges. She goes to leave, but he stops her dead in her tracks when he says he can't move his legs. She panicks and begins poking at his legs to check. She gets to his feet and he starts giggling. Completely correctly, she slaps him, hard. What a shit! He starts crying, and just when Nucky comes wandering by. "You were just praying!" he exclaims. Cut to later, as Nucky comforts Margaret in their bedroom. "He's got his father's cruelty," she says, though Nucky says he just wants attention. Margaret is incredulous. "Abandon my sick girl to attend my healthy son?" Nucky says for one thing, she needs to stop running herself ragged. She says she'll manage. He says he'll take Teddy on business with him tomorrow, to give her a break.

The next day, on the Boardwalk, the striking blacks are chanting as the baseball-bat wielding crackers round the corner and converge upon them, laying down beatings. Purnsley yells to hold the line, but the picketers are unarmed but for some placards. Meantime, Halloran's two cop buddies run away as the mob descends upon him too.

Elsewhere, Rothstein introduces Nucky to his lawyer, Bill Fallon, who asks young Teddy if he'd like a ball signed by Ty Cobb. "Ty Cobb is a bad man," Teddy says, in that sweet little monotone he has that makes him maybe sound like a devil child. Nucky's like, "But he gets the job done, right? Now run along." After he does, Fallon replaces the Ty Cobb ball with another from his desk drawer. I like this guy. Fallon denigrates Nucky's old lawyer, though he admits he probably can't get the trial moved back to AC either. Fallon does intimate that he can "work magic" with both juries and judges. Nucky asks what happens if he has no money for bribes. Then he's relying solely on Fallon's legal acumen. Rothstein puts in his two cents: "No one likes a long shot more than a gambler."

Halloran sits at home, bandaged and braced. Eli pays him a visit as Halloran whines that "normal white men" did this. I know! Eli's brought him some fresh peas along with some not-very-subtle talk about how sometimes, when bad things happen to us, we have to ask ourselves, "What is it that I've done to deserve this? What should I make sure I never, ever do again?" Halloran is thick, and I think he has bloody gauze packed in his ears, but he gets it. And after Eli leaves, he places a call to the post office.

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