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Georgia Peaches

Mickey -- neck brace and all -- is supervising the watering down of George Remus's government "medicinal" alcohol when Jimmy, Al, Lucky, and Meyer show up to check the progress. They need to deliver this stuff, but Mickey doesn't have the guys to do it yet. Lucky says to go hire some, then. "There's 50 spooks out on the Boardwalk," he says, with utmost charm. Lucky, Meyer and Al all say their bosses are onto them, not to mention Manny Horvitz still wants his money. Lots of pressure on these would-be usurpers. Jimmy is impatient and doesn't want to hear it. He tells Mickey to pay Manny, in booze if he has to; he's Waxey's problem now anyway. Everybody passes sideways glances at how Jimmy's acting, but no one says anything. On his way out, Lucky tells Jimmy to hold up. He shows him the heroin they want to sell. Lansky explains that it provides a higher dose of opiates to the brain than opium does. Jimmy wonders who's gonna buy it. Artist types, Lucky explains; people uptown. "Artist types" automatically means Angela, but after what ends up happening, I wonder if Jimmy will be the one to succumb to the junk. Lucky hands Jimmy the packet and tells him to get a few samples out to the locals. "That's great," Jimmy snots, "but before you start squawking again, how about getting THIS out to the locals?" He seems like a great boss.

Nucky is once again heaping abuse on Icky for the predicament he's in. The trial can't be moved from Camden and Esther Randolph is relentless. Icky seems less and less inclined to tap-dance for Nucky's satisfaction, and is resigned to claiming medical hardship (for his hand? He holds up his bandaged paw and raged that that wouldn't prevent him from jacking off, much less going to trial) or just accepting jail time. A five-year sentence, he'd be out in two. Nucky snaps back with extreme sarcasm: "Call those two guinea anarchists from Massachusetts and tell them I found them a new lawyer!" Icky returns that Sacco and Vanzetti have one thing going for them that Nucky doesn't: "Innocence is still a possibility." Nucky tells him to get out, he's fired, and Icky doesn't seem all that broken up about it. Nucky looks down at a newspaper, which has a headline about the Black Sox trial.

At the Commodore's place, dissatisfied business leaders are bitching at Jimmy about how tourist season is upon them and no one can get the "colored situation" under control. Eli doesn't want to use the Klan again, and the Commodore struggles to articulate something. He's making progress with the stroke recovery, but he's not there yet. Jimmy assures his father he'll take care of it. He wants the business leaders to negotiate a settlement. What's a nickel raise across the board compared to what they're losing? Nobody wants to set that example, though. Eli says it's not done, and everyone is aghast at the idea of giving in. At this, the Commodore sputters, and everybody starts looking around, casting aspersions about Jimmy. The fat cats ultimately leave Jimmy, Eli, Neary, Bader, Leander and the Commodore to themselves. Eli lays out his plan: 50 guys with billy clubs. This is how it works. Jimmy doesn't want to start a riot. Neary and Eli get into a side conversation about Halloran. Neary mentions how Halloran's been talking to Esther Randolph quite a bit and that he should be keeping his mouth shut. Meanwhile, Leander jabs to Jimmy that his predecessor knew how to keep "the coloreds" happy. Jimmy's like, I get it, you like Nucky better than me; can we figure out a way to end this peacefully now? The Commodore finally has his say, as he croaks out a full sentence: "Why don't you just show 'em your cunt?" Jimmy's all "...What?" But yes, that is what he said. "Lift up your dress," he says. "Let yourself get fucked." Well, well, well. Look who's back in charge.

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