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Georgia Peaches
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Previously: Nucky went to Ireland.

Currently: the whiskey that Nucky made a deal for is being unloaded from ships in Hoboken. Owen supervises as the crates of "Feeney's Irish Oats" are loaded onto trucks and takes to various locations around Atlantic City. We see one particular shipment being dropped off at Babbette's, so it's good to know what team she's on.

With Atlantic City's black workers picketing on the Boardwalk, Halloran and a couple other cops stand idly by and collect a paycheck. Owen carries a crate through this crowd -- Purnsley allows him to pass through -- so he can deliver one crate to a well-dressed grump of a man in the kitchen at the Ritz. Owen says Nucky sent him. The guy sniffs at a stupid case of oats, until Owen produces the whiskey. Real Irish whiskey -- he's impressed. But who's going to serve it? "They'll be back," Owen assures him. He knows what an empty stomach feels like. The Ritz will take 400 cases. Nice sales technique on Owen!

Across town, Sigrid feeds the baby while Van Alden watches and tries to make small talk. It's as awkward as it sounds, particularly when the topic floats to nursing babies. "I tried to feed my baby sister through my bosom" sounds even more hilarious in a Swedish accent. Van Alden spots an envelope on the table and demands to know why he didn't get this immediately, as per his orders. It's a petition of divorce, and since it's from Mrs. VA, it comes with a note that says, "Please attend to this as soon as your activities allow."

At the hospital, Margaret, Nucky, and Teddy arrive to visit poor Emily. Dr. Holt tells them Emily is sleeping through a bit of a rough patch, which naturally upsets Margaret. Holts tells her Emily will need your love and attention "later on," when presumably she'll be coping with her paralysis. As Nucky takes Teddy inside to see his sister, Doc says that the good news is that Emily's upper body, and vital organs, seem fine. But she may not ever get fully better. "Mr. Thompson is a man of means," Margaret offers, which is both sad and kind of funny. Money won't help this. The doctor tells her that his little nine-year-old daughter prays for his patients every night. "You're meant to ask God to intercede for others," Margaret notes ruefully. Not for yourself. Doc tells her the next test results will come in on Friday. Margaret glances down the hall and spots a kid on crutches, trying to maneuver on crutches.

Inside the hospital room, Margaret hands Emily a new doll -- the sister to "Miss Wheatley" (who got burned in the great polio purge). Meanwhile, out in the hall, Teddy sits sullenly.

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