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Bullet to the Head

Over at a Catholic hospital, the Capones and crew, including Van Alden, wait silently outside of Torrio’s room, until Torrio’s wife comes over to tell Al, "He’s asking for you." Jesus, he survived? Al goes in, closing the door behind him, and approaches Torrio’s bed, asking him how he’s doing. "I’m OK," says Torrio, which Al jokes is not something he’s ever heard him say before. Torrio indicates the morphine drip that’s getting him right. While Johnny has a coughing fit, Al tells him that they’ve got round-the-clock guards and nurses, too, and he’ll be out of here in no time. "And then we’ll get those sons of bitches," says Al, but Torrio just shakes his head. "This is a young man’s game", he rasps. He’s not going to fight. "It’s yours, Al. Take it," he says. The whole operation. Al almost amusingly doesn’t even argue but asks if he’s sure. "You win, kid. It’s Europe for me," wheezes Torrio. Al picks up Torrio’s hand and kisses it solemnly.

Eli arrives back at his house to find an agitated June already wanting to know what’s going on. Eli ignores her request to tell her what’s going on to ask if Willie’s here. Now here comes Knox, menacingly asking if Eli forgot they had an appointment. "No," says Eli, looking surprised. He tells June he needs to speak to this man . "He does, ma’am," adds Knox, super-unhelpfully, but June wants to know where Willie is. "That’s an excellent question, actually", adds Knox, who really isn’t too committed to his insurance salesman cover here. Then Kathleen is on the stairs to tell her that Anne’s crying, but June still won’t leave until Eli fires off a "goddammit" at her.

She goes upstairs, and Eli and Knox’s death stare head into the living room, where Eli starts to explain that Nucky knows. But Knox is not in the mood for any explanations. "Your son is going to jail," he says. Eli looks stricken, but Knox isn’t done yet. He tells Eli a story about a boy named "Ellis something," a real boy scout-type who Knox arrested on a stolen vehicle thing, earning him four years in a federal prison. "Last I heard, he was very popular with the other inmates," says Knox. "I will fucking kill you, you son of a –" says Eli, not able to finish the sentence, because Knox has drawn his gun. Eli’s got the barrel of a gun on his forehead for the second time tonight. "Are you threatening a federal agent?" asks Knox. He sounds calm, but the shaky gun says otherwise. He orders Eli to given him his wrists, which Eli does, and Knox pulls Eli’s arms around behind his back to handcuff him. But before he does, he starts blathering about how Selby thinks he’s crazy, and he’s distracted enough for Eli to turn around and slug him, and then it’s time for the two of them to battle.

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