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Bullet to the Head

Then Willie shows up, and the whole thing goes to hell. Willie yells and Sid grabs him, while Eli yells at Sid and lunges. Willie wails that Nucky’s going to kill him. "No, he’s not!" Eli tells his son, even as Nucky’s still got a gun on him. Sid lets Willie go, and Nucky lowers the gun (he’s still got it pointed at Eli, though) and orders Eli to tell Willie what’s going on.

Eli lays it all out: Knox knows about Willie’s murder charge that Nucky got squashed. Willie and Nucky both look stunned, but they’re more surprised to learn that Eli knows about it. And that Knox is the one who wants the meeting. "That’s the price to keep him out of jail," Eli says. Willie starts to speak, but a wounded Eli asks, "You go to him? Over your father?" "I’m the one who can fix it", Nucky points out but it’s more than that for Eli. "He was supposed to amount to something," he says. Nucky – with Willie looking crushed as a son whose dad is disappointed tends to look -- says he’s still going to. Eli asks, "What? A man in an empty hotel pointing a gun at his brother?" Point: Eli. Nucky says he did it for the family, and -- not for the first time this season -- Eli tells him he doesn’t have a family. "I do. Now you want that, too," says Eli, adding that nothing will fill the hole he’s got inside. But Nucky gets the last word: "This is your mess, Eli. Drown in it." Nucky and Sid stomp out of the room, leaving Willie and Eli. Eli takes a step towards his son, who bolts out the door.

And, oh, what a lonely party it is over in Knox’s hotel room, with Selby trying to get him to face the fact that no one’s coming to the meeting and he’s been duped. "You’d love that, wouldn’t you?" snaps Knox. Selby asks the other agents to give them a minute, and the other agents -- who must hate it when Mom and Dad fight -- are more than happy to oblige.

Once they’re gone, Selby tries to calm Knox, which works about as well as pouring gasoline on a campfire. Knox accuses him of, like Hoover, thinking this is all a joke and was never on board. "I have put everything on the line!" Knox yells. Selby stands up and calmly says Knox should surrender his firearm. Do I need to tell you what Knox thinks of this suggestion? Selby says Knox isn’t "keeping on an even keel." Knox steps towards him, and says if "Harold" wants his gun, he can take it. Harold (hee hee, "Harold") looks a little frightened, and makes no such move, and Knox storms out of the room.

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