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Bullet to the Head

Over at the train station, Richard gives the Sagorskys two tickets for sleepers, with extra vouchers for the dining car. Wasn’t train travel grand? (I’m imagining the 1920's Louis CK’s routine where he reams out people for complaining about minor inconveniences in train travel). Sounds like Richard’s sending the Sagorskys off to stay with his sister and brother-in-law for a few days. He gives Tommy a long hug and says, "I love you." After Paul takes Tommy away to get a few "chuckles" for the ride, Julia gives him grief for what sounded like "goodbye" to her. She makes him promise he’s coming, because she’s never even spoken to his sister, so it’ll be pretty goddamn awkward if Richard doesn’t show. Richard’s counterargument is to plant a big kiss on her cry hole. After they unclench, he says he’ll see her in three days, and she says if she doesn’t, she’ll hunt him down and drag him to Wisconsin. He promises, but she doesn’t look completely reassured when he walks away.

Speaking of looking uneasy, Eli arrives at the Albatross to pick up Nucky, and is a little unsettled by the fact there are no men guarding the place. He even un-holsters his gun as he walks up the steps of the darkened hotel, and slowly makes his way through the empty rooms. He calls out "Hello?" and "Nuck?" but there’s no answer. At least, not until he walks into a sitting room where he hears Nucky tell him to put his gun away before someone gets hurt. Eli asks his brother where everyone is, and Nucky says he’s closing the place up. This appears to raise more questions than answers for Eli, and Nucky again asks him to put his gun away, which he does, slowly. "I’m leaving town. Heading to Cuba with Sally," Nucky explains, as soon as he finishes what he needs to do. Eli’s all, "But the meeting!" Nucky says there is no meeting, just some names on three empty hotel rooms, and Eli and Nucky. Sid comes in, gun raised, to disarm Eli.

After a moment, Eli starts to speak, but a furious Nucky draws his own gun and points it at Eli, preempting an apology. Defeated, Eli asks if it even matters what he says. "You have a lot to lose," says Nucky, but Eli sadly says he has nothing. "Sooner or later you wind up taking it all. Can’t help it," he says. He even takes a step towards Nucky’s gun, and says he’s ready. "Are you?" he asks. Nucky presses the gun to his brother’s forehead and angles it, prompting Eli to kneel. But Nucky’s shaking as he does so, and as he says, "It’s what you deserve."

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