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Bullet to the Head

Here’s Johnny Torrio leaving his house and arguing with his wife because she doesn’t want to pay the 22 cents a pound for the artichokes that Torrio wants her to get. Then he complains about the state of the plants, and about the bug-eaten state of the plants outside his door. You don’t have to have watched a very many mob shows to know someone’s about to take him out. Sure enough, there are running feet, a raised gun, and a gangster shoots Torrio’s driver in his head. He then empties his pistol into a terrified Johnny, leaving his wife screaming as he falls. Let this be a lesson to married couples everywhere: Never let an argument prevent you from saying "goodbye" and "I love you," lest you want your last words to the love of your life to be an argument about artichokes.

Over at Hotel Takedown, the Bureau’s room and the adjoining room where the meeting is supposed to take place are swarming with agents, testing the listening device (the main component of which looks like a phonograph pressed up against the wall). Knox tells Selby he wants four agents stationed in the lobby, and two at either end of the hall. Selby tells him that seems excessive, which means he mistakenly thought Knox gives a shit what he thinks. Then Knox busts the chops of the agent listening in on the conversation in the other room. Selby didn’t learn his lesson, because he tells Knox to "relax." Knox snaps that it’s only his career, Harold, so he’ll relax when that’s over, which, if you’re like me, made you start thinking that Knox isn’t going to see Season 5.

Over at the Albatross, Nucky’s packing, with Sid on the phone to Narcisse’s man, and then Sid calls over to Nucky that Narcisse will be there at nine o’clock. Nucky sighs…

…and places a call to Chez Thompson, where Eli steels himself before picking up the phone. Nucky says he wants Eli to come pick him up for the meeting, and they’ll drive over together. Eli, thinking quickly, asks if it wouldn’t be easier just to meet there. Nucky’s story is that they should walk in together and present a united front. "Plus", says Nucky, "he’s on Eli’s way anyway". He is? I haven’t seen any shots of the Albatross that didn’t make it look like it’s on the outskirts of everything. Eli agrees, and says he’ll see him in a bit. By this point, Willie has started hanging around, and after his father hangs up asks what Uncle Nucky wanted. A little taken aback, Eli asks how that’s any of his concern. Willie says he was just curious, but Eli doesn’t answer the question, and says to tell his mother he’ll be late. He puts on his hat and leaves, with Willie looking pensive.

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