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Bullet to the Head

Ed Bader’s office. Narcisse and Nucky sit in chairs facing the mayor, who clearly relishes this because he thinks that he has some kind of power. He’s blabbing about kicking off the little summit here when Nucky tells him to get the fuck out of the room. He puts up a protest, pointing out that it’s his office, and Nucky says he’ll change that if it’s the last thing he does, making Bader grovel that he just did what he had to do, and even Narcisse is like, "Dude, you need to get out of here like right now." (I’m paraphrasing).

Once he’s gone, Narcisse gets right to it: "You’ve seen him." Nucky’s all, "I didn’t say that, but Narcisse is certain Nucky has at least heard from Chalky, or else his time here is wasted." "He wants this to end," says Nucky, and Narcisse says "endings have been attempted, from all sides." Nucky plays the family card, saying Chalky wants to be at his daughter’s wedding, and wants safe passage in or out. Narcisse wants to know what Chalky’s offering in exchange, but Nucky pleads ignorance, saying he’s just the middleman. Narcisse is all, "But you’re buds, right?" and Nucky says he doesn’t have friends, just partners. It’s why his slumber parties are so sad! "But you tried to save his life", says Narcisse. "I bet on a horse to win. It didn’t even place," says Nucky, adding that "today is a different day." Narcisse wants to know who Nucky plans to wager on tomorrow, and Nucky confesses he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Narcisse’s beliefs or tragic history. "The only thing your people and mine have in common, we both know a dollar’s worth. And if we can’t make it one way, we’ll make it another," he says.

Nucky -- trying to make Narcisse think his racism is a business virtue -- says he has a lot at stake in this town, and if Narcisse tries to take it from him, they’ve got a problem. But he doesn’t care which "of you coloreds" runs the club or the North Side, as long as they’re run. His percentage and the mayor can be discussed later, but this needs to be over. "Over how?", asks Narcisse, and Nucky says that’s for him to arrange. Narcisse wants him to be explicit. "I don’t ever want to worry about that spook coming at me in the dark again," says Nucky.

Narcisse starts to think about this, and Nucky asks if they understand each other. "We do. At long last," says Narcisse, nodding, and Nucky says he’ll let Chalky know he’s willing to talk. Nucky goes to the door, and stops, saying there was one more thing Chalky wanted to relay that Narcisse would be interested in. "That singer -- he says he knows where she is," says Nucky. Narcisse turns his head to look at Nucky, who says nothing further and leaves.

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