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Bullet to the Head

The Thompson brothers arrive at the distillery in the pouring rain, getting a light envelope and a litany of excuses from Mickey Doyle. But Nucky’s already aware that the Narcisse thing is making it harder for them to move their alcohol. Nucky’s not so focused on the whisky that he misses the "Ex-Showgirl Denies Charges" headline in the paper, above a picture that barely looks like Gillian, while Eli wants to know what they’re going to do about this "bible-thumping coon." Nucky just tells him it’s being handled, but answers "I don’t know" when Eli asks how. Eli also asks if he’s heard anything from Chalky, at which point Nucky finally turns to give Eli his full attention, and asks if the meeting is being set. Eli says it’s tomorrow night in Blenheim. "Masseria, Lansky and Petrucelli", he adds. "Make sure they…" says Nucky, who stops when behind him he sees that Richard Harrow has arrived, and he beckons him into the office.

Richard says he looked for Nucky in the Onyx Club, which Nucky notes isn’t the safest place in the world for him these days. (Well, at least your gift for dry understatement isn’t afraid!) Richard says he needs to ask a favor, and Nucky guardedly says he already gave Richard a job. Richard doesn’t reply, so Nucky sends Doyle and Eli out of the room. Once they’re gone, Richard says he needs to know where Jimmy Darmody is. Surprised, Nucky says he was cremated after overdosing in his mother’s bathtub. "You and I both know that isn’t true," says Richard. Nucky shows Richard the newspaper article and facetiously says he only knows what he reads in the paper. Richard says if the court believes Jimmy died in the tub, then Gillian will come back for the boy to spite him. I mean, she’ll also be coming for the boy because she loves her grandson, Richard, but continue. "My wife and I could not bear that," he says.

Nucky thinks a moment, and asks what Richard might do for an anonymous source who would disclose to the authorities where Jimmy’s body is buried. "I would do whatever you asked," he says. Well, you might start by saying "the anonymous source" instead of "you," Richard, if this is really going to work.

And then we’re taken to an overhead shot of a field where a group of men are either digging up a skeleton, reporting on it for various newspapers or serving the Greek chorus function of crowds on this show. The lead digger-upper announces "six screws in the right femur," which confirms it is Jimmy, and the crowd goes nuts. "If that’s Darmody, then who’s the other one?" yells someone, just to make sure we all understand, and then the reporters all rush out to make their deadlines for the afternoon edition.

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