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Bullet to the Head

In a hotel room, Eli gazes out the window while Knox and Selby go over the plan with him. It's to get everyone talking about anything: alcohol importation, a heist. Eli’s not really playing close attention, though. They and the other agents will be in the next room, listening, and when he hears the radio come on, that’s his cue to excuse himself and go to the washroom, because what comes next could be a little messy. All he has to do is remain calm, says Knox, and neither Nucky nor the others will ever know he was involved.

Eli stares at Knox (or, "whatever the fuck his name is", as Eli puts it) and asks if he has a brother or any kind of family. Knox tells him it’s none of his business. "Fuck you," says Eli, who turns to Selby to throw a little invective his way too. Selby is looking a little "What’d I do?" Knox says he has a brother is an admiralty lawyer in Washington, and Eli asks if Knox ever fucked him over. "He’s not a criminal, Eli," says Knox, who adds that Eli is doing this for his son. Yeah, speaking of that. Eli wants a guarantee from Knox that everything to do with his son -- which Eli says he still doesn’t think is true, although he says it like a man who knows it is -- goes away. "Get your brother, Masseria and the others in a room, and Will’s got nothing to worry about", says Knox. "Will? Do me a favor and stop talking like you know him," snaps Eli, getting up.

Over in Chicago, Al and Ralph Capone are discussing the hit on the hotel, and with these two geniuses puzzling it out, they’ll have it solved in no time. They figure it was "that Jewish prick" Hymie Weiss who placed the phone call, and Van Alden -- pouring them more whisky -- corrects them. Hymie Weiss is Catholic, and was actually born "Wojciechowski." They invite Van Alden to sit and have a drink. He points out he doesn’t drink, and Al pushes a glass across the table to him and tells him to start , which he does. As for his opinion on who did the shooting, Van Alden says it was someone who felt comfortable enough to venture into their territory.

Which is when Torrio strolls in, cracking wise about the "board meeting" going on, and offering gratitude to the shutters that saved their lives. Al asks Torrio who thinks it was. He figures it was Weiss, with Bugs Moran and "the other one," a name Torrio can’t quite place. "Schemer Drucci", supplies Ralph. "After the O’Banion thing, who else could it be?", asks Torrio, who came in just to leave again, apparently. "Yeah, I’m sure you’re right," says Al, not sounding like he believes it. Al, I should note, is now drinking straight from the bottle, after he gallantly gave his glass to Van Alden. Torrio pauses a half-second at Al’s tone, but doesn’t turn around.

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