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But Knox says he thinks it’s more than that, and that ever since the first week of law school, Hoover’s been rooting for him to fail. Hoover looks inscrutably at Knox for a moment before an aide tells him the U.S. attorney has arrived. Hoover explains to Knox that they’re ruling on Marcus Garvey’s appeal within the month. "Congratulations, Edgar," says Knox, and he appears to mean it. Hoover signs the order for the eight additional agents. I imagine he’s just standing firm on the eight additional agents, but the tone kind of makes it sound like he’s agree to eight more. Well, at least until Hoover starts to walk away, and then adds one more screw you to Knox: "I think it’s time, considering the respect the position deserves, you start referring to me as 'Director Hoover'."

I don’t know how much time there’s been between the last episode and this one, but there’s been enough for Gillian to now be on trial for murder. Richard Harrow is on the stand, being questioned about when he came to the opinion that the body he found in the bathtub was not in fact Jimmy Darmody. He says it wasn’t an opinion, noting, "I fought beside him. You don’t forget that. Ever." That concludes the persecution's questions, and then Gillian’s defense attorney starts muttering excuses about how he apparently received the particulars of this case only recently, and then starts asking about Richard’s glasses. I guess he’s trying to cast some doubt on the whether Richard actually saw well enough to identify the body, and the gallery gasps when Richard explains he just needs the glasses to keep his face on. Julia, sitting in the audience, looks perturbed, and I think the defense attorney realizes that he didn’t exactly score a knockout punch there. But he presses on, asking if they’re supposed to believe the vision of his remaining eye is better than that of Jimmy’s actual mother.

Richard knows what he saw, and it’s kind of a dumb point for the defense to try to make, given -- as the prosecutor leaps up to argue -- that the trial isn’t about the veracity of the death certificate but whether Gillian killed a man. While the lawyers bicker, Gillian starts saying softly, "There’s no body." Then she says it loud enough to draw the ire of the judge (and a warning from her own lawyer), while she stands and starts yelling about (literally) Habeas Corpus. When that doesn’t work, she starts yelling about how she was in love and she was tricked. Glaring at Richard as she’s led from the courtroom, she yells, "Why does a man get to do anything he wants?" That draws applause from the crowd and shouts from reporters, which appears to have come straight from watching professional wrestling.

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