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Farewell Daddy Blues

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Bullet to the Head

At the Thompson house, Willie brings a suitcase out to Nucky’s waiting car. "Everything Ma asked for", he says, and Nucky says Tom will bring it up to Brigantine later. Unless Willie wants to. Time for an Uncle Nucky lecture, where he explains to Willie that his family’s counting on him. "You’re in charge now. You understand?" he asks.

Willie says he’ll drive up tonight, and asks what he’s supposed to tell them. "That your father is safe with friends out west, but its best they don’t know where," he tells him. Willie’s eyes bore a hole in Nucky’s head as he asks, "Is he?" He means safe, and Nucky tells him to speak his mind. Willie asks what Nucky would have done if he hadn’t shown up. Nucky takes out a cigarette case and lies to his nephew. "He’s your father. My brother. And I’m not the kind of you think I am," he says. Well, I guess he didn’t lie, technically, except by implication. Nucky’s cigarette case is empty, though, so Willie gives his over for Nucky to take one. See? You’re already following in your father’s footsteps by paying up to Nucky! Nucky tells Willie to come by the Albatross later, and they’ll head up together. "It gets easier. You’ll see," he assures. Willie nods and steps back, and Nucky’s car rattles off down the street.

A montage of scenes, set to Daughter singing a song about being "wild about your Daddy, wild about him all the time." Eli stands alone, with a suitcase in hand, waiting for a car that picks him up (and reminding me, oddly, of Walter White or Jesse Pinkman doing something similar 90 years later). And who’s driving the car taking him into hiding? Van Alden.

A jail cell, where Gillian -- looking like she needs to be on suicide watch -- listens to a guard or something giving her instructions or news that makes her start to cry. Maybe, "Yes, that’s right, ma’am. The toilet is right here in your cell."

Arnold Rothstein dangling some keys for Margaret with her kids and showing her into the lovely ground floor apartment in a spiffy neighborhood.

A pissed-looking Sally Wheet pouring herself a drink while the lushes at the bar get soused, lightning flashing outside.

Havre de Grace, Scrapper and Levi on the porch, Chalky sitting in a rocking chair, drinking.

"Fare you well, Daddy, someday you’ll hear bad news," sings Daughter, face healed but plain, in a tiny little club, accompanied by just a blues guitar, smiling sadly at the smattering of applause from the audience.

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