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Bullet to the Head

Over at the train station, Nucky finds his way impeded by a couple of federal agents, and then there’s Selby, flashing his badge and asking about the whereabouts of his brother. A rather blasé Nucky asks if Selby intends on charging Eli with canceling a meeting. "No. With the murder of a federal agent," says Selby, at which point Nucky realizes this is pretty goddamn serious, and he heads for the exit with Selby.

Let’s visit Narcisse in jail, being visited already by J. Edgar Hoover, who is already well-versed in how Narcisse entered the U.S. through the port of New Orleans in 1898. Narcisse asks who Hoover is but doesn’t get a response beyond "I’m the one asking questions" and confirms that yes, he entered the U.S. then. "But you’re not a citizen", points out Hoover. "Why would you go on living in a country you don’t wish to belong to? " Hoover then asks.

"The exile does not choose his Babylon," says Narcisse. Funny you should mention it! Hoover then points out that Narcisse’s "compatriot" Garvey thinks that they should all return to Africa. "That would be an oversimplification of his philosophy," says Narcisse, so Hoover wants to know what he’s missing. Narcisse says he doubts he could make Hoover understand. There is a little back and forth between the two over what the truth is, with Narcisse saying that the truth is essentially whatever those in power say it is.

Speaking of those in power deciding what the truth is, Hoover lays out a scenario in which Agent Knox was killed by a colored man while investigating the seditious activities of Marcus Garvey, but Dr. Narcisse helped apprehend the subject. "He further agreed, in a private conversation with director Hoover to provide ongoing secret intelligence regarding Mr. Garvey, with particular concern to his radical agenda and his ties to foreign powers," he says.

Once Hoover is done, Narcisse asks why he would do that. "To demonstrate his commitment to the values of his adopted land", says Hoover. Narcisse calls "Brother Garvey" a hero that is devoted to the liberation of a great people. "But you are not", says Hoover. "You are just a peddler and a pimp, sitting in a jail cell." Narcisse calls himself a businessman and a follower of Christ, and Hoover says if he cooperates he can go on pretending to be anything he likes. But if he doesn’t, Hoover will make sure he never sees daylight in America again. My closed captioning just says "[Mutters]" but Narcisse actually whispers, "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof," which comes from the sermon on the mount in the Gospel of Matthew. Hoover’s all, "I can’t hear you!" but not in a cool rock band way. Narcisse turns from the sunlight shining on his face back to the shadowy Hoover and says, "I said 'yes'." It's not good enough for Hoover, who says, "Yes, what?" "Yes … sir," says Narcisse, chewing on it enough to make me wonder if Boardwalk Empire would futz with history enough to let Narcisse to kill Hoover, because there’s murder in those eyes.

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