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Bullet to the Head

"Where she is and you ain’t," says Chalky. Narcisse offers safe passage to Maybelle’s wedding, which is interesting in a dick move kind of way, and Chalky makes a non-committal response to that. "Daughter for a daughter", says Narcisse. Chalky points out that the daughter Narcisse is interested in isn’t his blood. And that particular daughter? Chalky "rocked ‘er fine," he says. "Pics or it didn’t happen", says Narcisse. There is also a reference to that "sweet jelly" and then Chalky callously refers to Daughter’s face being all fucked up, and he doesn’t need to be looking at it no more. It doesn’t get Narcisse’s goat quite as much as you’d think it would, but he mutters about the "noble savage" and Chalky is all, "That's me." Bankroll in one pocket, pistol in another.

Narcisse asks Chalky if he knows what Nucky asked him to do. "Kick a bullet in my head," says Chalky, who’s pretty confident that that won’t happen tonight, not here in the civilized Onyx. Narcisse says none of them will make it past the alley, and Chalky counters by pointing out that Narcisse will never see her alive. He then starts talking about the "half and half" who choked her mama, but Narcisse doesn’t rise to the bait. Chalky does bring up his daughter’s wedding, however, and now Narcisse is straight with him: There is no wedding. Chalky’s a little taken aback, but Narcisse says he knows what Maybelle told him, and then he invites Chalky to hear it from for himself. And there’s Maybelle, beyond a door with one of Narcisse’s men. "A nod from me and she’s gone", says Narcisse to a stunned Chalky.

Chalky glances upstairs to the second floor, where we can see Richard Harrow, tucked away, raising his rifle scope to his good eye and sighting Narcisse in the crosshairs. But Richard, trembling, hesitates, and flexes his trigger hand, while Chalky waits for the bullet that only comes once Narcisse’s man has brought Maybelle over, and a shadow crosses the scope as Richard fires. The sound cuts out, and Narcisse wipes blood from his face, and Chalky and Richard look on, horrified, at Maybelle’s lifeless body collapsed on the table. Narcisse dives for cover while his men return fire upstairs at a freaked-out Richard, whose gut shot but manages to stumble across the balcony (civilians taking bullets meant for him), and Boneau’s men drag a grief-stricken Chalky away.

A hysterical crowd heads for the exits just as be-hatted Bureau of Investigation agents storm in, firing shots into the ceiling and yelling that they’re looking for Eli Thompson. A wounded Richard makes his way past some of those very same agents backstage as he heads for the exit. Then there’s Narcisse -- being led out with his men, hands behind his back -- by the agents. Richard staggers along under the boardwalk, surf crashing and boardwalk barkers barking.

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