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Farewell Daddy Blues

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Bullet to the Head

And my god, you thought Purnsley/Chalky was hard to watch? This is a brutal knock-around that had me covering my eyes, and it seemed to go on forever (fortunately, no wooden shards stabbing through cheeks, though). There’s Eli getting a vase in the head, and there’s him whipping a saw and slicing Knox’s cheek (like, WHY DOES ELI HAVE A SAW IN THE LIVING ROOM?) Then there’s Eli getting in close with the saw on Knox’s shoulder, and Knox manages to jam his thumb into Eli’s eye socket, and now Eli is kneeing him in the gut while Knox punches him.

June comes running down the stairs, wondering just what in the hell kind of insurance pitch this is, and now the kids are screaming, and Knox sends Eli through the glass door of a China hutch. Eli is ignoring the cries of “Daddy! Daddy!" in the background that soon disappears as, I assume, June hustled everyone upstairs away from the trauma, so that the scarring can begin.

"My son! My fucking son!" croaks Eli as he chokes Knox, and just when you’re thinking it’s over, Knox grabs a … something, and clocks Eli across the head with it, freeing himself. He scrambles across the floor to reach for a gun, but Eli’s on top of him again, punching him in the back of the head, bouncing his head off the floor, and then pulling Knox’s tie tight, choking him from behind. By the time Eli rolls Knox over onto his back to resume punching him, Knox seems to be unconscious. But Eli, bloodied and enraged, keeps punching … and punching … and punching … and it’s clear that his last few blows land on a corpse. But that doesn’t stop him from picking up the glass vase and bringing it down with both hands on Knox’s head, before he rolls off, panting, the sound of children crying in the background.

The party’s in full swing at the Onyx, Narcisse sitting alone at a table, scribbling notes (I kind of like to think he’s working on a crossword puzzle), a bodyguard preventing anyone from disturbing him. Then the bodyguard gestures towards Chalky, getting frisked and getting led over to Narcisse’s table, leaving Winston and Levi behind, ordering them not to make any fuss.

Chalky approaches the table but doesn’t sit down. "Tell me your terms," says Narcisse. Chalky spreads his hands and says, "You get everything." Narcisse points out he already has that. "So why are we talking?" asks Chalky. "I want, and you want," says Narcisse, and he motions for Chalky to sit, which he does. First up: Narcisse asks where "she" is.

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