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Bullet to the Head
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Lightning flashes in the distance, wind rustles the grass, and men guard the Albatross, while Nucky and Sarah are, as usual, flirting over the phone. Only I guess the men aren’t doing such a hot job guarding the place, as they seem to have been overtaken by some other men, who make them lie face down on the sand. While Sid is led, hands up at gunpoint into the Albatross, Nucky and Sally are speaking Spanish to each other. Sally’s is much better than Nucky’s, so he says he thinks he’ll let Sally do the talking "down there." She asks what he plans to do, and he says after today -- the last business he needs to take care of -- he doesn’t want to make any plans. That’s when Sid meekly calls to him from the doorway, and after an annoyed rebuke from Nucky doesn’t send Sid scurrying, Nucky turns in time to see Chalky marching him at gunpoint into the room, where he makes Sid lie down on the floor.

Nucky tells Sally he’ll call her back and hangs up ("Sorry, honey, but a former business partner hell-bent on revenge is here") and tries to tell Chalky that he looked all over for him. "You find me?" asks Chalky. Don’t answer, Nucky. It’s rhetorical! Nucky tries to explain, but Chalky’s in no mood, because "Narcisse" is the answer to two questions: "Who’s sitting in my club?" and “Who you cutting’ deals with?" Nucky admits it looks bad. "So he your nigger now, that right?” asks Chalky, and Nucky says, "Not right." (He thankfully doesn’t follow up with "You still my nigger.") But Chalky thinks he likes the idea of Nucky being Narcisse’s nigger even better, and gets angrier as Nucky tries to explain, because he’s wearing another man’s clothes and skulking around his house, unable to go in and see his family.

Nucky says Chalky has to trust him. "I don’t have to do nothing you ask, no how, nowhere," says Chalky. Nucky asks what he wants. "Narcisse", says Chalky. "You gotta believe me, Chalky. We want the same thing," says Nucky, and Chalky seems to be of the opinion that Nucky wants Narcisse now mainly because Chalky’s got a gun in his face.

In Washington, Director Hoover -- barely paying attention to Knox nipping at his heels -- tells the agent he can have his regular team plus eight additional agents. However, unlike the classic television show, eight isn’t enough for Knox, who points out that the men he’s going after are dangerous: Four of them, each with at least one armed guard. Knox also bristles when Hoover seems surprised he’s actually pulled this off. "Organized crime? I’m merely exhibiting healthy skepticism," says Hoover.

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