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Family Limitation

Nucky and Margaret are "luxuriating" (her words) in Margaret's new apartment. He says he likes making her happy, and she shows her appreciation by kissing on his chest. She sure seems to have responded well to being completely provided for. They're interrupted by phone -- which startles Margaret in a way that makes me think she's never had a phone before -- and Nucky is clearly perturbed by whatever message he's gotten. But when Margaret inquires about it, he placated her with a "just business." So don't go expecting a partnership of equals here, no matter how much Nucky supports suffrage. He then asks if she wants to accompany him to see Houdini's brother, Hardeen, perform ... and maybe out for dinner with Hardeen afterwards. Margaret is high on this high life she's living, beaming at the thought of dinner with his "Hardeen," even though she'd never heard of him. Oh, is she ever headed for a fall.

Back at Torrio's brothel, the topless girls and gangsters alike are living it up. Torrio sings Jimmy's praises, and Jimmy indicated that he'll be sticking around for a while. Torrio continues to heap on the praise -- "the balls on this guy!" -- and Al is clearly getting jealous of all this attention. Because Al is a child. So he steps up to make a toast, which is really just a thinly veiled excuse to bust Jimmy's balls, including the story of when he woke Jimmy with a gunshot and scared the hell out of him. He also denigrates Jimmy's service, saying he was scrubbing latrines in France. Jimmy, who at this point looks quite drunk, decides it's time to stop coddling this toddler who is clearly acting out. He turns to Al and addresses him sarcastically as "Captain Capone" and asks if that's how he got his scars. "The Lost Battalion?" he jokes. "Got so lost they thought Brooklyn was in France." BIG laughs from the peanut gallery, as Al barely suppresses a scowl.

Nucky is meeting with Mayor Hague gross-looking shrimp. Nucky gets right to the road appropriations, saying there's plenty of money to go around if Hague would just be fair about it. Of course, he then not very subtly plays the Senator Edge card. Nucky maintains that edge is bound for the White House, and his coattails will have room for Nucky AND Hague if Hague plays ball with the appropriations. Hague silently considers this. Then he asks Nucky what they're doing after, and Nucky quickly realizes he can't just blow this guy off for plans with Margaret. He asks Hague if he's interested in seeing Hardeen, but Hague doesn't look like he's in the mood for tricks. ...Well, not magic tricks.

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