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Family Limitation

At this, Margaret begins to dress again, ignoring the underwear she's supposed to model. "He doesn't seem to mind," she says, finding her backbone. Lucy says Nucky was raised a good Catholic, and every so often that guilt kicks in and he tries to straighten up and avoid Hell. But, she says, all she has to do on those occasions are pout and flash her cooze and he's right back in her bed. Margaret, in response, tells a story about a raggedy man back in Ireland, and the piano-playing rooster he'd bring around to the bars. She and her girlfriends were enthralled at first, then kind of patronizingly curious, then they didn't even bother going to see it at all. The rooster could only peck out that one song, after all. Lucy doesn't get it, if you can believe that. Margaret gets to the point: "Maybe your cunny isn't quite the draw you think it is." WELL NOW! With that hellacious exit line laid down, Margaret strides out of the dressing room, past Madame Jeunet, and announces, "I quit."

Next thing we know, peppy-jazzy music is welcoming Margaret to her new, Nucky-provided digs. Eddie helps her and the kids (Emily and Teddy, for reference sake) unload at the new place, which is pretty damned swell, especially compared to their old shack. Eddie tells Margaret that Nucky will call soon. Before Eddie leaves, Margaret has one question to ask of Eddie: "Is he nice to you?" It's a pretty telling one, actually. "Oh yes," Eddie assures her, "Mr. Thompson is a very nice man." On balance, it's a truthful statement, especially from Eddie's perspective. But it sets up the smash cut to Nucky hurling obscenities at Lucky Luciano pretty well.

Because, yes, the Brothers Thompson have hauled Lucky in for some questioning. Lucky plays the "Who? Me?" card, even though he actually is innocent, of this particular infraction. Nucky brings up the beef Rothstein's got with him, but Lucky maintains that's not why he's in town. So why is he? "I like the view between that gash's legs?" Charming! Nucky infers that he's talking about Gillian Darmody, which earns Lucky a swat upside the head -- like you'd do to a bratty teen. Lucky, however, totally flips out, leading Eli to "restrain" him with his billy club. With Lucky nearly choking, Nucky lays down the law: 1) Mrs. Darmody is to be treated with the utmost respect; 2) Everything Lucky sees, does, and steals in this town belongs to Nucky, so, you know, recognize. Lucky once again protests his innocence, but Nucky ain't buying. In fact, he tells him to tells his "pack of guineas" and his boss in New York to recognize as well. This moment of misdirected warning is interrupted by Eddie knocking on the door like he's the coming Armageddon. He announces that "Mrs. Schroeder is very happy with [her] accommodations." Nucky seems happy to hear it, but I wonder if he's going to end up regretting letting Lucky hear Mrs. Schroeder's name in connection to his.

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