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Family Limitation

Across town, Nucky is in bed with a less-scratchy paramour than before: the aforementioned Mrs. Schroeder. He asks what time it is, and he corrects her answer of "half-three" to the more American "three-thirty." But he doesn't want her going overboard with her American accent. Actually, Nuck, anyone who's seen No Country for Old Men can attest that Kelly MacDonald is pretty excellent while going overboard with an American accent. Anyway, Margaret frets about what the neighbors will say, seeing her shacking up with a man like Nucky. He tells her they won't be her neighbors for long. He's setting her up in a sweet new apartment, see. Margaret then spots the scratch wounds on his chest, and while she's not fooled for a moment by his claim of a "hunting accident," she doesn't get jealous or anything. She gets out of bed, though, having to go pick up children, and then to work. She excuses herself to the bathroom, where she grabs her Family Planning pamphlet from atop a tall shelf, then follows its instructions to ... I'm going to say "douche with Lysol." Okay, 1) aren't old-timey workaround solutions the best? And 2) I don't know if we have an award for Awkward Product Placement of the Week, but if we do, Lysol wins it in a walk.

Jimmy gets the extreme pleasure of being a guest in the Capone household for dinner. The dynamic goes like this: his wife is a kind but cowed Irish woman, his mother speaks no English but curses in Italian while she makes all the food (and calls Mrs. Capone a "stupid Irish cow" to boot), toddler Sonny is remote and not responsive to much, and Al tries very hard to project the image that he's the glue holding this shambly mess together. When Al cracks about his dumbbell for a son," Jimmy tries to steer the conversation to his own son, and how he's in his own little world too. But when Mama slips on a toy and spills some of dinner, Jimmy follows a hunch and snaps his fingers a few times next to Sonny's ear. Nothing. Al looks up and doesn't look all that surprised at this revelation that his kid is deaf. He just looks ashamed.

The next day, at Trois Couleurs: Bleu, Madame Jeunet is finding it a frustrating job, selling underwear to Lucy. She asks Lucy what she looking for out of this underwear: "Some wish to hide, others wish to reveal." Lucy says she wants it in lights. She manages to project her voice so Margaret, working on the display window, hears every word. After taunting Margaret for her menial job, Lucy demands that Margaret model the careless whisper of negligee that Jeunet has brought out for her. In the dressing room, it's clear Lucy knows the score between Margaret and Nucky, and she's pulling a power play, subjugating Margaret because she can. Margaret undresses, and Lucy mocks her for not wearing a bra -- says she's saggy, and it's obvious she's had children. "You look like the kitchen help," she sneers, "a quickie bent over the table."

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