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Family Limitation

Instead, she tells the story of Mr. McGarry, who sold his share of an oil field in Pennsylvania, and used his millions to build a mansion on the shore. "Six months later, he was dead of influenza," McGarry says, sad but not overly emotional. Now she lives in smaller house, but she has the freedom to devote her life to "matters of importance." Margaret infers that she means "The Movement." "Temperance was meant to protect women," McGarry says, "but the ballot box will free us." She enthusiastically talks about how they're one state away from ratification (come on, Tennessee!). Margaret sensibly offers that she has no mansion to sell. This argument actually lands with Mrs. McGarry, who tells Margaret to do what she has to do. "You owe no one else an explanation." She does, however, hand Margaret a pamphlet: "Family Limitation," which was the claim to fame (or, at the time, infamy) of one Margaret Sanger, who crusaded for women's right to birth control and (later) abortion. Clearly, Mrs. McGarry is forward-thinking in matters not just related to temperance and suffrage, and for some CRAZY reason, she doesn't think getting saddled with Nucky's love child is all that great an idea.

Speaking of "Gosh, I hope she's practicing some form of birth control," Gillian is across town getting railed from behind by Lucky Luciano. Not that I entirely blame her, but that's a conversation for another time. They share cigarettes afterwards, and Lucky tells her how he used to have a problem getting hard, before he met her. "That horse cock?" she replies, incredulous. Lest we think she's being polite, when the phone rings, Lucky strides naked across the flat, and ... I tell ya, it's not bad. Anyway, it's Rothstein on the phone, and he's getting impatient waiting for progress on the find-and-kill-Jimmy-Darmody front. He also seems to know when Lucky's been sleeping, knows when he's awake, and knows when he's answering the phone naked. He also knows that he hasn't found Jimmy because he's been barricaded in Gillian's bed. Lucky brags that he actually has been making progress. "I'm with his wife right now." "No, you're not, Charlie," Rothstein deadpans. "You're with his mother." Well, there goes THAT erection.

In Nucky's office, poor Pudgy from earlier is sitting with a giant, hilarious goose-egg on his forehead, describing the men who jacked him. "A kid and a skinny fella," Nucky sums up, unimpressed. Pudgy swears up and down that it wasn't nobody from his ward. The guy had "a dago look" about him. Nucky's all, "And what's that supposed to mean? "Feeble-minded," is Pudgy's answer. He assures Nucky he'll get to the bottom of this. "If there's a nickel of their money in a nun's cooze, we'll shake it loose." Colorful! Nucky, perturbed, tells him to let Eli handle it -- and to put a steak on that forehead of his. After Pudgy leaves, Nucky's frustration boils over, and his objection to Italian slurs melts away. He thinks nobody from A.C. would be dumb enough to pull a heist like that in broad daylight, so he figures it must be "the greaseball" Luciano, who he knows is in town. He leans on Eli to do something about it. "Bring that dago in." Eddie pops in without knocking loudly enough for Nucky's satisfaction ("Knock like a man!"). He announces that Frank Hague, mayor of Jersey City, sent a message. He's spent several nights cooling his heels at a local hotel, waiting for a meeting with Nucky, and he's getting impatient. "There are many roads to Rome," Hague's message reads, "but only one through New Jersey." Nucky tells Eddie to set up a dinner or something.

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