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That night, at wherever temporary lodging Van Alden is hanging his hat, our square-jawed agent solemnly goes over the immigration paperwork he requisitioned on one Margaret Rohan, who left her old country pregnant but didn't arrive on these shores the same way. The records indicate she'd miscarried shortly before encountering immigration. Van Alden reads this, then creepily caresses the photo of Margaret that accompanies the records. He turns the pic over, and on the back is scrawled, "aged 16 years." So, you know, double creepo. But Van Alden is bound and determined to go for that triple crown. More on that in a moment.

First, we see Nucky lounging around, bored, while two women bounce around atop a naked Hague. Our Mandolin Girl kneels at Nucky's feet and asks him what he wants. "I try to be good," Nucky tells her, frankly. "I really do." Mandolin Girl's like, "My shift ended an hour ago, you wanna get this nut busted or what?" Actually, her exact words are, "It's too late to be good." Which have the added benefit of double-meaning and thematic resonance. I'll stand by my nut-busting paraphrasing, however.

Back to Van Alden, he takes off his shirt, lays down a towel, and perches on the edge of his bed. Propping the photo of Margaret up on the nightstand, he removes his belt. Auto-erotic asphyxiation time, you ask? Nah. Just some old-fashioned flogging! All the best stereotypically religious, proto-fascist, creepily obsessive hypocrites are doing it! It's a powerful image, sure -- Van Alden's back is scarred to fuck -- but again I ask: haven't we seen this character before? I suppose I shouldn't pile on; Van Alden's beating himself up enough for the both of us.

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