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Oh My God! They Killed Eddie!

But that’s when Julia comes around the corner with a couple of male teachers, looking rather unimpressed. Gillian, ever the optimist, asks if the men are her "relations." She tells Julia she’s taking Tommy home. "He doesn’t live with you anymore," says Julia. Gillian says it’s for the judge to decide, and deceptively says he was "very forthcoming” during a chat they had today. But she reaches for Tommy, and Tommy takes a step backward towards Julia. Gillian’s getting upset! "This isn’t proper. It’s a beautiful day, and this isn’t proper," she says. Julia tells Tommy that they’re going to walk the other way and not look back. Tommy looks rather relieved, and that’s what they do, with the teachers stepping forward to give Gillian the bum’s rush out of the school, above her protests that she can’t be bleached out "like a laundry stain."

Back at Temple University, Willie shows Nucky into his dorm room, and Nucky picks up a ukulele that Willie admits he can’t play LIKE ARE WE NOT EVEN SAFE FROM THE SCOURGE OF UKULELES ON BOARDWALK EMPIRE? Nucky thinks Willie needs to find himself a girl to serenade, to give himself an incentive.

Now it’s time for Nucky to get serious. No lecture, he promises, but there are a few things he wants to say. Willie sits on his bed, Nucky on a chair. "Whatever occurred, it’s over. And every now and then you’ll think about the terrible thing that happened to a boy whose face you can’t quite remember. I promise, you can live with it," says Nucky. "Is that what you do?" asks Willie. "Careful, son" Nucky tells Willie. They’ll get him into another school, if that’s necessary, and it’s not important what other people say. "The only thing you can count on is blood. The blood that’s in your veins, and the blood that’s in mine," says Uncle Nuck, adding that the people who discount him doesn’t know who he is, and that the rage he feels is a gift, so use it. Isn’t that kind of what he’s just done, which has caused a metric ton of trouble? "But don’t let anyone see it," he adds. Ohhhhh. "Show me the person that you intend to be," says Nucky, and Willie kind of muffs it right away by asking how much Nucky paid the district attorney. He sounds genuinely curious. Nucky says one day they’ll talk about all that, but today is not that day. Willie needs to stick to what they discussed, and not worry about the rest.

Clayton enters the room like Kramer, and he’s a little surprised to see Willie there with (he mistakenly thinks) his dad, instead of in jail forever. He and Nucky exchange introductions, and Nucky leaves, reminding Willie once more to remember what they talked about, and saying it’s nice to meet him.

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