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Oh My God! They Killed Eddie!

She’s unsure what to call him, and he crosses his leg and prominently displays his shoe and tells her his last name is "Oxford." Anywho, continues Gillian, this is just one of those days where you need a little extra help. Look, you’re offering to bang the guy for drugs, so he knows it’s a little more serious than that. He looks at what little money she’s offered, puts it in his pocket and signals to one of his guys, holding his thumb a forefinger like a millimeter apart. His minion slaps down a little packet, and Gillian reaches for it, but Dunn stops her, and pushes her sleeve up her arm. He can’t be surprised by whatever he sees. "You’d best go easy now, little Bo. I like my lambs keep coming home," he whispers. Wait, is she Bo Peep or the lamb? Dunn, think your metaphors through a little better!

Willie has graduated from the jail basement to a meeting room with his Uncle now, with Nucky reminiscing about his own college days at State Normal in Trenton. That’s where he met Mabel, it seems -- which means, I believe, that Mabel has been referred to as often this season as Margaret. She was going to be a teacher, but Nucky didn’t like the idea of other dudes helping her with homework, so he decided to be a teacher too. This alternative future of Nucky Thompson seems to be new to Willie, who asks why that didn’t happen. Nucky says the commodore needed him, so he came back home. "There are more important things than what may or may not have happened at some party," Nucky says, and Willie wants to make sure again that his dad won’t know. Nucky says no one will, but that’s when district attorney Lawrence Isley (the ADA coming in behind him) strides into the room to shake hands with Nucky and apologize for the earlier "mix-up." He assures Nucky he’d feel the same way if it was his nephew. It’s pointless for me to ask this, but: And how would he feel if Henry were his nephew? Nucky wants to get this cleared up "before it turns into something." I guess "something" is when two people die.

Everyone sits down, with the DA saying he understands Willie can help them with this “unfortunate incident,” and Nucky tells Willie to say what happened as best he can remember it. Willie takes a long moment to think about this, and starts off with, “First thing I want to say is Henry Gaines was a pal of mine.”

We hear a school bell, and then cut to Gillian walking down a school hallway as grammar school-aged children stream into the hallway, including Tommy. Gillian’s high, of course, and Tommy doesn’t appear to recognize her, but she speaks very brightly to him and kisses him hello. It’s as squirmy and cringe-inducing as it can possibly be, as Gillian talks about how she hopes he’s learning lots, and she’s met a man and they’re all going to be so happy together. Tommy’s expression remains neutral the entire time. Maybe she should have brought some Oreos? She has brought an "Abba-Zaba," which was a chewy taffy bar with peanut butter in the middle, and Gillian admits to not even know what it is. I guess it still exists? Tommy doesn’t know how lucky he is that she didn’t tell it for an extra two molecules of heroin.

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