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Oh My God! They Killed Eddie!

Van Alden gets ready to go outside, but Frank stops him and says not to worry about his brother; sometimes Al just needs a good kick in the ass. "Who’s going to do the kicking?" asks Van Alden, rhetorically. Frank’s got one other thing: a big wad of bills that he calls an advance. "Stick with me, I’ll put grass on your fuckin’ lawn," he says, and Van Alden does his best to approximate that thing that humans call a smile. He gets out of the car, and Frank drives away. Van Alden walks over to the factory gates, and turns to face the men. "There’s no reason for this to get out of hand," he tells them. They’re there to remind the workers that it’s in their best interests to vote in the Republican ticket. He tells them to, as each man passes, "inquire" as to who he’s voting for. The thugs are like, "you mean 'inquire' with extreme prejudice?"

But as they realize Van Alden doesn’t want them to crack skulls, they start jeering that they didn’t come for "no tea social" and Al wants them to give it to the workers good. "Al’s not in charge here. I am," says Van Alden. The men don’t like it, and grip their clubs menacingly, but Van Alden steps to the leader of the dissenters. Neither backs down, but before anything escalates, the factory whistle blows, the gate opens, and the workers start walking through. The thugs let them pass unmolested, and I have to admit to laughing at Van Alden jovially chatting up the workers, who are really pretty rude to him and refuse to answer his questions. One ignores Van Alden completely, which of course pisses Van Alden off, and he puts his hand on the guy’s shoulder. Then he has to dodge the guy swinging his lunchbox at him, and he slugs the guy, touching off a battle that sees the thugs force the workers back behind the factory gates.

Gillian -- the slightly blurry edges of the frame telling us, if her dead raccoon eyes don’t, that she’s not at all well -- enters a barber shop where Dunn Purnsley’s getting a shoeshine in the back. That’s who she’s directed to by the barber in response to her "I’m looking for someone, I don’t know his name" opening. She approaches Dunn, who looks intrigued, and a little wary when she says she knows this probably isn’t how he normally does business, but she made some inquiries, and here she is. "You far from home, Bo Peep," says Dunn, who sends the shoeshine guy away to ask her some more direct questions, such as who sent her his way. "I spent several years on the stage," she tells him. "You know how show people are." Always looking to score heroin? I guess? He wants to know how much she’s got, and she wants to "examine the preparation" first, but Dunn’s not letting that happen. As he’s the one metaphorically lording it over her from a raised shoeshine seat, she opens her purse and puts her money -- including, sadly, coins -- on the arm of her chair. It’s all she’s got, she says, rather unnecessarily. Dunn tells her to find her lost sheep somewhere else. So not for the first time this episode, Gillian offers herself up, suggesting "another form of payment." Dunn cocks his head and looks at her. "I’m having a difficult day," she explains.

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