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Oh My God! They Killed Eddie!

Speaking of someone answering for this, let’s check back in with Eddie Kessler, still sitting straight-backed in an empty room. Knox strolls in, impressed with how Eddie’s holding up, not to mention Eddie’s general sass. "Does he know how tough you are?" asks Knox, and Eddie seems genuinely puzzled as to who Knox means. (Pssst! It’s Nucky!). Eddie clams up, and Knox applauds the good soldier, but wonders if Nucky would do the same for him. He gets a little closer and informs him that Eddie’s been here all day, but no one -- not on the boardwalk, at the Onyx Club, at the speakeasies -- has been asking for him. "The world is going on without you. Nucky Thompson is going on without you," says Knox, who maybe overreaches a little by saying the only person who cares about Eddie right now is Knox. "You are my friend," says Eddie skeptically, more of a question. No, I am not, says Knox. "Then who are you?" asks Eddie, which earns him a punch in the gut. Eddie barfs on the floor. “That’s who I am. And I’m going to own every last bit of you,” says Knox. It’s a little more wordy than "Fuck you, that’s my name," but you don’t want to compete with Alec Baldwin on that one. Eddie struggles to catch his breath, and Knox gives him a handkerchief to clean himself up.

Back at the jail, Nucky is rehearsing with Willie again: Who was Henry Gaines? He was a friend of mine. Who brought the liquor? Beats me. How much did Henry drink? A whole lot. But Nucky’s got a new question: "Who slipped him the mickey?" Willie plays dumb or maybe doesn’t know the term, but Nucky explains it and gets the answer he needs from Willie’s discombobulating. He tells Willie not to lie right now, because it won’t help. "I need to know what’s true, so we can agree on the rest. Understood?" Willie finally owns up, and says it was just supposed to be a gag. He even admits to it being his idea." Just yours?" asks Nucky, and Willie reluctantly admits to his roommate Clayton helping him. Nucky asks what Henry did to deserve it. "He thought he was better than me. But he wasn’t," says Henry, looking at his uncle defiantly. Well, Nucky can relate. "Here’s what I’m going to need you to do,” he tells Willie.

We’re over to Cicero, where Capone’s thugs are outside the factory gates. The workers will have to go through them to get to the polling booth. Frank and Van Alden are in the car, discussing the plan. "Make sure they vote for Klenha, or don’t vote at all," says Van Alden. Wow, that’s a lot of moving pieces. Hope you can keep track of such a complicated plan! Frank says most people don’t want trouble, and don’t actually care who the mayor is, who the president is. They’ll control the burg and keep the green flowing, which is all anyone cares about. "And O’Banion?" asks Van Alden. "Lots of ways to do business," says Frank, philosophically. He says they’ll see how it plays out.

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Boardwalk Empire




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