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Oh My God! They Killed Eddie!

She asks the judge for a glass of water, which he pours from the pitcher on his desk. He hands her the glass. Her hand trembles, and then she squeezes the glass so hard it shatters. The shocked judge comes around to Gillian’s side of the desk to bandage her hand, while she babbles about how stressed she is by everything. "The thought that Tommy might not remember be at all, as if I never existed…" she says. The judge, who clearly really wants this basket case out of his chambers, tells her to take it one step at a time, and Gillian asks if there’s anything she can do to help her situation. "As I said…" begins the judge, and then Gillian puts her hand on his crotch. "I mean right now," she says, adding, "Is there anything I can do right now?" She looks up at him beseechingly, and the judge, after a moment, tells her it would be in her best interest to leave these chambers immediately. Gillian seems surprised that the judge doesn’t realize -- or doesn’t care -- what a total GILF she is, and she composes herself and says she’s late for an appointment, and leaves the room, pretending to have some dignity left.

Meanwhile, Nucky’s not pleased to learn that he’s meeting with a Eugene Mulhern, who is an assistant to the district attorney. He wants to know why the DA isn’t there, and Mulhern cheerfully says that he regretfully had other obligations. Nucky’s really got no choice but to play nicely, so he unloads on the ADA, telling him they’re making a mistake if they want to turn a "quirk of fate" into a manslaughter charge. Mulhern says ten separate witnesses say Willie brought alcohol to the party, so Nucky asks if that’s really worth their time and effort. "If that boy was poisoned, yes," says Mulhern, rapidly losing his good humor. He makes a good point, Nuck!

But of course this is the first Nucky’s hearing of a poisoning by anything more than excessive alcohol, and he can barely hide his surprise. With the stakes much higher, Nucky goes for the big guns, and tells the ADA that his boss and Waxy Gordon had a conversation this morning where they agreed that this thing, as tragic as it was, was nobody’s fault. Mulhern appears aware of how things work, so he’s not hostile when he points out that the couple outside of his office are Henry’s parents. "Mr. Gaines is a major contributor to the Pennsylvania Republican Party. He’s lost his son, and he doesn’t want to hear about life’s random misfortunes. Someone’s gotta answer for this. We just don’t have any choice," he says.

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