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Oh My God! They Killed Eddie!

Willie’s apologetic, but still not admitting to having anything to do with the fact that by the next morning, Henry wasn’t moving. Nucky asks if Henry drank a lot, and Willie says it was as much as anyone else. "But he was the only one who…" says Nucky. The only who died gruesomely, spitting up blood and providing his entire dorm with a tableau that will haunt them all the rest of their days? "Yes," says Willie, who says he didn’t know Henry very well at all. But Nucky remembers Willie rattling off the list of his friends at the dinner table, because when your dopey nephew says he has a friend named Henry, that’s not the kind of thing you forget. Willie finally admits he doesn’t have very many friends here at all.

Nucky says he’s going to talk to the district attorney, and if the DA’s just fishing, Nucky will know. But, he says, looking at Willie pointedly, he’s going to ask Willie again: Was he your friend? How much did he drink? Where’d you get the liquor? The answers are, respectively (and suitably steely from Willie), "Yes," "A lot," and "I didn’t bring any liquor." Nucky’s satisfied.

It's time to check back in with the continuing downward spiral of Gillian Dharmody. She’s in a judge’s chambers, zoned out enough that the judge’s words aren’t filtering through to her, until he finally gets her attention, and she says he hasn’t been getting enough sleep, what with worrying about Tommy. The judge is a little impatient, and gets back to it: The officer will submit a report, and the court will decide on custody. Gillian wants to know what she can do, and the judge says she doesn’t have to do anything; the officer will just want to a true picture of the home the boy would be returning to. Gillian starts talking about how she’s in a "time of transition," and starts to explain about how most of the furniture… but the judge interrupts to say the furniture doesn’t matter, which is good, because she might have blurted out that her furniture is going up her arm. And then she starts going on about her love life, and the man she’s seeing is really important but very discreet and wouldn’t want his name bandied about. She trails off when she realizes the look of consternation from the judge means she really isn’t helping her case any by blathering about the man she’s currently sleeping with/planning to sleep with. Well the one who’s not paying her for the privilege, anyway.

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