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Oh My God! They Killed Eddie!

Director Tim Van Patten’s really going to town this episode with the one-shots of characters occupying just a third of the frame, which empty space behind them. He uses it as Al talks about how it’s April Fool’s Day, and the joke’s on all the suckers out there or whatever. "You know who that includes?" asks Al, and Van Alden doesn’t want -- nay, can't -- guess, and is prompted with a hint from Frank: "He likes flowers." O’Banion, then. Al makes Van Alden come to him (he’s got two feet on Al) and then whispers, "You’ve done bad things."

He doesn’t seem upset by it, and Van Alden points out that in regards to doing bad things, he’s got company in this room. Al doesn’t pretend he’s an angel, but points out he hasn’t done bad things to the guy he works for. He grabs Van Alden around the neck and pulls him in closely, asking "You’ve got a little wild streak, huh?" Al wants to see how Van Alden does today, and then they’ll talk. He alludes to some unfinished business with the florist, and Frankie warningly says they’ll talk about that later. He’s got instructions for Van Alden: take the twenty best guys out there over to the main gate at Western Electric. "Help the voters make up their mind," he says. Al jokes that maybe Van Alden has to ask his wife, and that finally gets a rise out of Van Alden, who hotly denies it. "Respect the boundaries, huh?" Frank quietly tells his brother.

Luckily, the Capones have a bring-your-own-device policy, as Van Alden’s still got the gun from last night. They tell him to hold on to it. There shouldn’t be any need, but it might come in handy for advancing the plot later. Oh, and one more thing, Van Alden: why don’t you perk yourself up? Al offers Van Alden some cocaine. Van Alden declines that he doesn’t need perking up right now (you know, the kind of refusal where you imply that normally you’re not such a square but you’re just not into it right at that very moment) but this is the second time Al has offered and he’s not taking no for an answer this time, holding the little coke spoon right up in his face. That’s a long way for Al to reach, too! As much to shut Al up as anything, Van Alden dips in and snorts the coke, and his eyes go wide, and Al yells, "Who’s gonna fuck with us, huh?" Well, now that Van Alden’s there, people who can put things on high shelves won’t be able to anymore.

Over in jail, Willie’s telling his uncle what happened, how "the fellas" were having a party with some girls, and avoiding certain details. "There was liquor," he says, and this discussion could be sped up if Willie skips ahead to the "things his uncle doesn’t already know" section. Nucky wants to know where it came from. Willie doesn’t want to tell him, but Nucky says he has to. "Mr. Doyle," says Willie, eventually. He’s got a cigarette, filling the sunlit room with smoke. Nucky’s not happy to hear this, and asks Willie why he didn’t come to him. I didn’t want you to know, says Willie, in a voice that says that should be self-evident (which it kind of is). "But I know now," points out Nucky, adding, "The liquor came from me. I didn’t know, and now there’s a problem." Hindsight is 20/20, Nucky.

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