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Oh My God! They Killed Eddie!

Willie’s sitting at a table in some sort of jail basement. It's all-natural light for that sunlight-streaming-in-windows atmosphere. Nucky’s escorted in by a guard, and asks Willie how he’s doing. Willie tries to pretend he’s handling things okay, but given he looks like he’s barely holding it together, he admits to being a little shaken. Nucky tells him they’ll sort it out, and he assures Willie that his parents don’t know, and he’ll do his best to keep it that way.

So, on the plus side, they haven’t charged Willie with anything, which is good. But there are reporters "living" upstairs, just looking for something to do, Nucky tells him, so he can either walk out like a suspect in a capital case or like someone who just paid a parking ticket, but Nucky needs a little time. "You know people in Philadelphia, right?" asks Willie. Nucky says he does, and he’ll call on them if it’s required. Willie promises to make it up to him, but Nucky tells him not to worry about that now.

Instead, Nucky wants to know about "this boy." Willie says he didn’t have anything to do with it. The expression on Nucky’s face says he doesn’t believe that for a second, but he doesn’t say so: "Let’s just talk about him, for a minute."

Gillian’s puttering around her house, anxious and high and making (apparently a lot of) phone calls to the Hotel Arlington for Roy Phillips, and getting short with the nosy front desk clerk who might also be expressing his desire to accomplish something other than taking messages from her. So, more drugs, then? Don’t mind if I do! But Gillian’s anxiety doesn’t seem to be lessening.

Over at the hotel in Cicero, Frank takes the stairs through a throng of thugs cracking wise about Pflaum apparently getting kneecapped last night, and another campaign worker who got his throat cut, Frank getting the laughs that the guy who hands out the money gets. He takes Van Alden in to check on "his highness" Al at his desk, snorting a not-insignificant amount of cocaine. Frank says he should give it a break. "What, like you ain’t been touching it?" says Al, who does some more coke, prompting a swat on the head from Frank. This, in turn, provokes Al to get pissed and draw his gun, which is not a proportionate response! Only then does he appear to take notice of Van Alden the galoot standing there, and is angrily surprised, only to come around when Frank reminds him that Al asked for him, having been impressed with the way he handled himself last night. "The woods!" says Al, suddenly remembering, and cackles, calling Van Alden "Daniel [sic] fuckin’ Crockett" and doing an amusingly stiff rendition of Van Alden shooting Stu.

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Boardwalk Empire




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