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Oh My God! They Killed Eddie!

Poor Clayton, studying in the library, when he notices a couple of men in suits asking questions at another table of students, one of whom turns and points at Clayton. He quickly adopts the "If I’m totally engrossed in my studying, maybe my life isn’t about to be completely destroyed" method, but the men come over to his table anyway and announce that they’re with the Philadelphia police.

Willie’s in his dorm room, plinking away on his ukulele, when there’s a knock on the door. He opens it, and a distraught Doris is standing there. Holy shit, the ukulele’s working already! He tells her she’s not supposed to be up here. "Then you better not let anyone see me," she says, and he steps aside to let her in. She tells him Clayton was arrested. "What do you mean?" he says, carefully. So she explains what “arrested” means, adding that they said he poisoned Henry. "Why would someone do something like that?" she says, almost crying, and she folds herself into Willie’s arms. Her face is in the light, his in shadow. But I think he might be starting to see the upside of dodging a manslaughter rap and framing his roommate.

It's now sunrise and Eddie returns to the Albatross, where he finds Nucky already eating breakfast. He tries to leave Nucky’s quarters before Nucky realizes he’s there, but he does kind of clunk around. Nucky, without even turning around, asks what the hell happened to him. Eddie plays dumb, so Nucky turns around, and notes that Eddie looks like he slept on a bench. It’s worth noting that Eddie looks more put-together than I did at my own wedding. Eddie says he spent the night with old friends, and there was too much drinking. Nucky says he shouldn’t have to worry about Eddie disappearing for a whole day, which is true, but it’s not like Eddie’s been anything other than ultra-attentive. Not to mention, you know, taking a bullet on Nucky’s behalf. "It’s a responsibility that you asked for," says Nucky, who turns back to his breakfast. He at least asks if Eddie has eaten, but Eddie says he’s not hungry and turns to go.

But wait! Nucky tells him to hold on. Eddie turns back expectantly. Will Nucky express concern for Eddie’s well-being? Apologize for being too harsh? Or pull up his pant legs to show Eddie that he had to put on mismatched socks today? "Here’s something else I’d rather not worry about," says Nucky. Eddie looks somewhat surprised, to say the least.

We close out as we began: music playing, birds chirping in their cage. Eddie sits at his desk, writing a letter in German. I think I recognize the German phrase for "fucking jagoff" in there!

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