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Oh My God! They Killed Eddie!

Then Knox stands up and starts jabbering about some sort of old folk tale about a father and son in the woods, and the boy says he sees a demon, the Elf King. He asks Eddie what the father says, and an entranced Eddie says "only a wisp of fog." But the father was wrong, because after all this is a German folk tale, the son is soon dead in the father’s arms. And this is one of the happy German folk tales.

Speaking of sons, Knox goes back to the file, and tells Eddie that his boys, Konrad and Lucas, are grown men, and Lucas has a son of his own now. They changed their last name to escape the shame of their father the liar, the thief, the traitor, the cook, the wife, the lover. Knox says in six days Eddie will be in the custody of the Hanover police, so he and his boys will be reacquainted all over again. Eddie looks destroyed, and asks what they want from him. "They want him to tell them something", says Knox. One little thing, and Eddie has their word he’s done for the day. "Call it a demonstration of loyalty," says Selby. The symbolism department earns its money by allowing some wind to briefly blow through the newspaper on the windows, allowing a little sun to shine through. Desperate and defeated, Eddie slowly tells them that the man he gave money to at the train station was Ralph Capone. Knox asks why. Eddie starts to shudder and sob. "Because that is what Nucky told me to do," he says. Knox stands up, triumphant, all, "See how easy that was?" Selby hands Eddie his cane -- and doesn’t yank it away this time -- and a broken Eddie hobbles out the door, Knox promises to see him again soon. Well, we know it won’t be for German language lessons.

Elsewhere, Van Alden sits on a bench in a hallway somewhere, Capone’s goons nearby, murmuring. Hey, Ralph’s back! He sits down heavily next to Van Alden, and after a moment starts talking about how he gets off a train and right there in the newspaper. He doesn’t finish the sentence. What was it? Was it the formation of the Royal Canadian Air Force? Was it the sentencing of a young Adolf Hitler to five years in jail for the Beer Hall Putsch?

Ralph wants to know why they couldn’t have stayed in Brooklyn, where they were all happy. Van Alden’s got nothing to say. "He wants to speak to you personally," says Ralph. Van Alden gets up and enters what turns out to be a morgue. Al’s sitting in front of Frank’s bullet-riddled corpse, half-covered by a sheet. Van Alden says they don’t have much to go on, other than it was a special squad of Chicago detectives, brought in because they were told the Cicero police couldn’t be trusted. "He never got his gun out," says Van Alden. Apparently, in terms of the reality, that’s a matter of some dispute. At any rate, the grieving Al finally turns from his brother towards Van Alden. "Every fuckin’ thing that crawls is gonna pay," he hisses, sniffling. Van Alden resists the temptation to say, "So, you didn’t see me do anything? Okay, cool," but he does exit the morgue, leaving Al alone to cry.

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