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Oh My God! They Killed Eddie!

As worker and thug alike hit the ground, a gang of men in dark coats and hats unload all the bullets and buckshot into Frank. He takes as much ammo as Tony Montana did at the end of Scarface. I’d like to think that even in 1924 this would have been seen as extreme from law enforcement. I mean, sure, they’re stylish and dapper in their co-ordinated ensembles.

The gunfire stops, everyone looking on in horror, and Frank falls to the ground. I think he actually died several seconds ago but the gunfire was keeping him standing. Al screams "Fraaaaank!"

The scream fades out as we go to the next scene, with Gillian lying in bed, groggily fascinated by the bandage on her hand. Roy Phillips strolls in, and Gillian hazily says she called him ten times. Did she do something wrong? "Not to me," says Roy, adding that she was very cold when he found her. "I must have just fallen asleep," says Gillian, whatever kind of excuse that’s supposed to be. She’s feeling better now, though. "Rough day? Or shouldn’t I ask?" he says. Gillian doesn’t answer that, but asks what he was doing in the powder room. "Cleaning this up for you," he says, tossing her work on the bed. Quick, think of an excuse, Gillian!

She stammers, but Roy saves her the embarrassment and tells her he knows what it is. He also asks if it helps her. "Not anymore," she admits, and when Roy asks how that makes her feel, she admits to being terrified.

"I must repulse you," she says. Well, he’s still there, and he tells her he knows about weakness, and he knows about sin. "You don’t know about me," says Gillian. Roy puts his hand on hers and says, "Then tell me…if it’ll make any of this better." Maybe she can tell him something that might make this plot seem like it’s not its own show at this point? "Roy, I have done the most awful things," she says. Roy, you might want to back away now… oh, he’s putting his hand on her forehead.

Poor Eddie is still in that room, although at least he’s been able to move from the chair to the davenport. (Sigrid would be pleased). Knox and Selby come in, Knox speaking German and reading from a file that he says they’ve been waiting for. Eddie is surprised to learn that they know he was the assistant manager of a department store in Germany. Since Eddie knows what Knox and Selby are about to reveal, it’s kind of sad that he doesn’t seem to realize he’s being set up as Knox and Selby patronizingly talk about the loyalty and honesty required for a job like that. And then they lower the boom that they know Eddie left his wife and kids for the woman who worked behind the lingerie counter, with some money he stole from the store. Eddie seems to get an inkling of where this is heading and says he’s a legal resident of the United States. "You are what I say you are, and I say you don’t belong here," says Knox, and then he’s speaking German again. But, much to Eddie’s surprise, he's not reading from a file this time. He explains that he was army intelligence during the war. "I thought the language was very beautiful," he says. Oh, now you’re just making fun of him!

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