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Oh My God! They Killed Eddie!

Once Nucky’s gone, a nervous Clayton closes the door and wants to know where the hell Willie has been. All Willie says is that he didn’t feel like going to class. I’m not sure how it is that Willie was arrested and that the whole school, never mind his roommate, doesn’t know that, but anyway. Clayton wants to know what they’re going to do. "It’s been taken care of," says Willie, and that’s all he’ll say to an extremely confused, extremely scared Clayton, beyond that he’s got a test in commerce tomorrow and he needs to study for it.

Back at Western Electric, where a growing crowd of workers is being held behind the gates, Frank and a livid Al Capone show up, wondering what the hell is going on. Van Alden explains it’s a "numerically disadvantaged situation," which enrages Al even more, but that’s because he doesn’t know that means they’re way outnumbered. Frank says there’s six carloads on the way, so they just need to keep the workers behind the gate until then.

As if on cue, the whistle blows, and the gate slides open, and some of the workers are already throwing rocks. Frank tries to tell the workers to cool it since it’s all sewn up anyway, but they don’t appear to be in the mood to hear it, especially as they have no idea who the hell the Capones are. That sets Al off, of course, and Frank tries to settle him down, speaking in Italian. This doesn’t sit well with Al either, since he’s the one in charge, after all, and he rips Van Alden a new asshole for suggesting that unless those six carloads of men get here, like NOW, they need to leave. Al screams that he’ll nail Van Alden to a cigar stand with a [something] on his scalp. Whatever it is appears to have baffled the closed-captioner, too.

But the workers are getting even more restless, and someone throws a chair that unfortunately misses Van Alden’s face, and Al starts yelling at the workers again about how they run Cicero legit, and if anyone’s got a problem with that, they can step forward right now. If they’ve got "the fucking balls," that is.

Well, it’s only a few seconds before someone yells "get those Dago sons of bitches!" and the workers rush forward for a full-on brawl that results in the Capones’ crew getting the living shit kicked out of them, beaten with boards and baseball bats. Al’s bloodied and crawling on the ground, which appears to be the workers' cue to leave him be. They’re not animals. A scuffed-up Van Alden whips out his gun to give himself a little breathing space, and then sees Al crawling a few feet away, his back to Van Alden. It’s nice that there’s a convenient little corridor in the midst of the brawl for him to have a decision to make and a clear line of fire. He slowly raises his gun, but he’s trembling. Frank takes this in -- despite having one eye already swollen shut from the pounding he’s taken -- and staggers to his feet from the car he’d been resting against. And then Van Alden sees Frank seeing him, Frank goes for his gun -- and then Frank gets shot.

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