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Oh My God! They Killed Eddie!
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It’s dark, the telephone’s ringing, and we hear a call to Nucky from his very distressed nephew Willie, who says he needs his help. Then we see some scenes of an open window, ocean view, birds in a cage, an empty single bed, a music stand holding songs by Franz Schubert, books of "Old Surehand" on a shelf, Nucky yelling and knocking in vain for Eddie. Tom has to tell a perplexed Nucky that Eddie hasn’t been around today, and Nucky tells Tom to bring the car around.

Eddie’s in a room with windows being covered with newspaper by the Bureau of Investigation agent who isn’t Agent Knox, but Agent Knox is there too, offering Eddie some tea. Eddie takes some prompting even to just refuse the tea. Meanwhile I am distracted by the aftermath of a chair avalanche behind Kessler, like WHAT ARE THOSE CHAIRS DOING THERE. There’s a little discussion on the syntax of using "you’re welcome" after someone says, "No, thank you," and Knox’s colleague -- Selby, that’s it -- cracks that Kessler speaks better English than Knox does. Knox asks Kessler if he learned English in "Prussia, I guess you would have called it?" Kessler doesn’t answer; he just wants to know why he’s here. Knox is basically "You tell me" about it, since people don’t just get hauled off the street for no reason. He refutes Kessler’s protestations of innocence by pointing out Kessler had a pistol up his sleeve, which Eddie attributes to protection… from Apaches. While we ponder the possibility of Boardwalk Empire adding Apache attacks to the mix, Knox and his buddy pretend like they’ve got no choice but to let Eddie go. But Selby, at first, offers Kessler his walking stick and then pulls it out, forcing Eddie to stumble and giving Knox a pretence to keep him there, that he seems unsteady and should stay for a while, for his own good.

The Pflaum for Mayor campaign is marching through the streets, blaring a message of honesty and crime crackdown from roof-mounted speakers, pissing Sigrid off since it’s so early. Van Alden -- attempting to feed his very fussy son -- sportingly points out that it’s election day and they have the right to campaign. As for Sigrid’s political cynicism -- she says people should just do as they’re told -- he tells her that wouldn’t be very democratic. Now, if you’ll excuse him, the Capones are here, so he’s off to help rig the vote. Nothing more democratic than that!

Outside the house, Frank notes its unfinished state, and tells him to put some grass down and spruce it up. "That’s the summer project," says Van Alden. And people think he’s no fun! The sound of a factory whistle in the distance has Frank note the "morning shift" and hustle Van Alden into the car so they can get to work. Van Alden looks back at his wife in the window, holding his son up to wave goodbye. Van Alden musters up the best smile he can, but as usual, it looks like he just realized his dog farted.

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