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After the dance, Margaret thanks him and heads off for the dressing rooms. Babbette then calls for the lights and brings out the surprise. Yes, it's a giant birthday cake, and yes there's a girl jumping out of it, and yes, it's Lucy. The classics are classic because 90 years ago there were no such things as clich├ęs because they hadn't been done so often yet. Lucy starts dancing all hoochie-coochie-like, and Nucky smiles at this and appears to be enjoying the moment. From off in the distance, Margaret looks on at this and reads it as confirmation that however sweet Nucky was, and however right things felt while they were dancing, this den of decadence is still decidedly not her scene. And if Nucky wants a woman who will jump out of a cake for him, she's not his girl.

Sheridan's Irish associates approach the madam at the flophouse where Jimmy's staying. They ask around for Al, then Jimmy. "We don't cater to poofs, fellas," the madam replies. WELL I NEVER! Sheridan's #1 goon then lies that Jimmy told him about a girl he could meet here. The madam, thinking she's making expedient business, says he must be talking about Pearl. She points them in Pearl's direction, and they definitely recognize her. Gulp.

Nucky's party has subsided to the point that he's retired to a sitting room with Senator Edge and Mayor Haig. Edge is resistant to giving Nucky that road appropriations money, and Nucky isn't worried about letting his frustration show. He put Edge in the governor's mansion after all, and the Senate. Edge says it's complicated, and nobody can expect to get everything they want. Nucky says he's got hotels nobody can get to by car, because the roads are mud puddles. Haig needles him that it's not just hotel patrons Nucky wants traversing a paved highway to A.C., it's also the liquor trucks. "What is that, lemonade in your hand?" Nucky counters. Haig stresses that the people of Jersey City need roads too, at which point Nucky wants to end the charade: Haig doesn't expect to get the roads, he's just looking for a payoff so he'll back away. "Just give me a fucking number," Nucky says, impatient. Haig is silenced for a moment, having his bluff so thoroughly called. He says he'll have to do some calculations. Edge then makes an oblique reference to maybe Nucky helping him get into the White House one day. He finishes his glass of champagne and asks for a Pimm's Cup. Eddie steps forward and stammers that they're all out of Pimm's, which visibly dismays Nucky. Edge instead asks for a brandy. He tells Nucky to relax -- "Like I said, you can't expect to have everything."

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