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That night, Lucky Luciano waits in his car outside the Darmody house and watches Gillian leave. Is he waiting to attack her? He certainly seems to be watching her ... intently. He walks behind her, at safe, stalker's distance.

Back in Chicago, Capone is in a restaurant, trying to intimidate its Greek owner into ceding his business over to Torrio, but our Greek friend is protesting that he answers to a Mr. Sheridan. Capone negotiating tactic goes like this: yelling, then telling the guy to be smart like his fellow Greeks (who invented arithmetic and all), and then kicking the chair out from under him. Jimmy's watching this all from the bar, looking both displeased and weary. I doubt this is the first such negotiation for Capone, who is currently daring the other patrons and employees to do something. He turns back to the Greek and offers to help him up ... only to slap him back down. Jimmy gets Al's attention and tells him to get on with it. After a few more threats, the Greek caves. Al tells him if Sheridan has a problem with his new arrangement ... well, see he kind of doesn't end that sentence with words, electing instead to stomp his boot on the Greek's face. He then shouts out where he's staying, a challenge to Sheridan, wherever he might be. Jimmy delivers a classic "this fuckin' guy" expression, then follows Al out.

Back at the Ritz, Nucky's going over party prep with Eddie when he spots some "lip rouge" on one of the water glasses. Eddie scrambles to assure Nucky he'll make sure everything is washed twice and ready for the party, but that's enough. Nucky goes on a rant about how hard he works and how he stuck with Eddie through the war and the "anti-German bullshit" that came with it. "And this is the fucking thanks I get? This filthy piece of shit that some whore left her cock-smeared lip rouge on?" Look, not that that's not a great line, ripped right from the pages of Deadwood from the sounds of it, but is somebody going to tell Nucky that odds are it's probably Lucy's cock-smeared lips left the stain in the first place. I mean, law of averages and all. Anyway, Nucky flips a table over in frustration and stomps out. It's probably due to being under so much pressure -- you can tell, because he tells Eddie he's under a lot of pressure. Complicated though he may be, there's not much mystery to Nucky yet. To Eddie's credit, he doesn't pay the abuse forward to the kitchen staff, instead just telling them, "Please, do your best."

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Boardwalk Empire




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