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At the Darmody house, Angela is getting ready to head out on some errand or another, so Gillian is here to watch Tommy. Angela notices Tommy actually calls her "Gillian" and says that "most women are proud to be called 'Grandma.'" Gillian gives her a smile and says, "Well, not while the peaches are in still season," and gives her torso a little shake. Hee. That appears to be too much familiarity for Angela, who heads out. Gillian then fixes one of Tommy's toy wagons and talks to him about a tin train Jimmy had as a boy -- a gift from one of her admirers. You wonder if maybe Jimmy himself wasn't a gift from one of Gillian's admirers. Anyway, she sends Tommy along to play with his repaired toy, and a moment later there's a knock at the door. Gillian opens to find Lucky Luciano, who you'll remember has been sent by Arnold Rothstein to "take care of" Jimmy. Gillian doesn't know that, exactly, but she knows trouble when it asks for "James" Darmody. (It's probably important to note that Luciano greets her as "Mrs. Darmody?" and she, truthfully, replies "yes," which likely makes Lucky think he's speaking to Jimmy's wife.) She inquires as to Lucky's name, at which point he gets testy and asks if Jimmy's here or he ain't. "Maybe he's up your ass," is Gillian's helpful suggestion. "Have you considered looking there?" Lucky tells her she's got a "smart mouth for a broad," to which Gillian says he'd probably like to smack it, right? She asks if the roughneck routine is what the "little girls" are going for these days. Then she closes the door in his slack-jawed face. Well, the peaches certainly are still in season, and in more way than one! That said, Gillian's obviously worried for her son and what this encounter means for him.

"Filthy immigrants, Christ-killing Jews, anarchists of every stripe." A roll call for my train to work? Nope, just your everyday rantings of the Ku Klux Klan. We're at an Atlantic City meeting where the Grand Poobah or whoever -- dressed in purple robes and a silly hat (like a goddamned CATHOLIC of all awful things) -- lectures his hooded brethren that the greatest threat to them, moreso than all the previously named groups, is the "coon." He rants about them "coming up from the South" and taking jobs and resources away from "true Americans." Before he can get to the part about how you should vote for his daughter on Dancing with the Stars, Eli and Halloran bust in, guns drawn, hollering about a raid. Eli asks who the leader is (um...Eli? Everybody's in white sheets but the one guy ... at the podium ... in purple?), and the brave knights of the KKK all point at Purple up there, who declares himself Joseph Earl Dinman, Grand Cyclops of the knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Atlantic County Branch. Eli tells them all to remove their "dunce caps," and Halloran recognizes Dinman as the guy who runs the hardware store. Dinman derides Eli as a "grafter, a whore-monger, and a bootlegger." Eli quips that he's thinking of his brother, then hauls Dinman in for questioning. One of the Klan guys stands up for their right to ... you know, be in the Klan. That's not against the law, after all. Eli, in all his sensitivity, says that "stringing up darkies" is. It's a thin line between love and hate in 1920.

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