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The next morning in Chicago, Pearl -- that's Jimmy's girl, we won't find out 'til later, but allow me this shortcut -- is washing out Jimmy's poor ear. She suggests some opium for the pain, and honestly, I don't think I ever get tired of stray references to how commonplace opium was in the olden days. As they talk about Al and his Brooklyn sensibilities, it becomes clear Jimmy and Pearl are still in the getting-to-know you phase (also known as the "Hey, I paid for the night, but now that we've been traumatized together, let's chat" phase). She tells him she's from a small town in Wisconsin called Star Prairie. "My grandpa was the first white man born in town, Pa was the first man got sent to state prison, and Ma was the first run over flat by a car. So you could say I have a lot to live up to." Oh, I like her. Can we keep her? She looks like a young Geena Davis. She asks him about the "Princeton" thing, but he clarifies that it's not where he went but where certain people in his life thought he should go. He refers to Nucky, though not by name, and compares his position to Torrio's in Chicago. He says ultimately that he and Nucky had different ideas about who Jimmy should be. She asks him what he thinks he should be, but Jimmy's not sure. She nods towards the book he's been reading -- Free Air by Sinclair Lewis -- and says she plans to head West like the girl in the story. He flatters her with comparisons to Lillian Gish, which she accepts with clear eyes and a good bit of worldliness (when she volleys back with a reference to one of Gish's movies, Jimmy doesn't get it). She tells him she'd let him go West with her, because she thinks he looks like he needs taking care of. Guys, I like her a lot.

Nucky's meeting with Eli and his pie-faced deputy about the investigation into who lynched Chalky's driver. Eli's dragging his feet, saying nobody cares about who killed some black kid. Nucky couches it in political pragmatism -- the "colored vote" is 20% of Atlantic City, and they vote the way Chalky tells them to; "one hand washes the other, and both hands wash the face" -- and I'm not saying it isn't mostly pragmatism, but when Pie-Face ("Halloran," it seems) makes a joke about how it'd take a lot of suds to wash Chalky's face, Nucky throws him out of his office. Eli, for his part, thinks Chalky knows what side his bread is buttered on and won't risk crossing Nucky, but again, you feel like a part of Nucky wants to see actual justice done in this case. He tells Eli to step it up.

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