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Somewhere in ... I guess Washington? Senator Edge is in his office when an aide comes in with three crates wheeled in on a dolly. He hands Edge a note, from Nucky Thompson. Inside the top crate: three bottles of Pimm's Cup. And the note reads, "I do expect to have everything." Bold.

Outside the cabaret, Lucky watches the other showgirls giggle over gifts from some admirer or another. Gillian walks up from behind him, and he jumps a bit. He admits he came to see her, which is just as well, considering she's noticed him following her around the last few days. "I think you know what I want," he says, almost sheepish. This is the most hangdoggy I've ever seen a would-be assassin act around the supposed "wife" of one of his targets. Anyway, Gillian knows the best way to defend Jimmy is to put on a good offense, so she leans in, puts her hand on Lucky's crotch, and kisses the daylights out of him. She tells him to meet her here after the last show. Gillian is in the game, people.

At Pret-a-Porter, it's late and Margaret is ready to go home, but Jenuet is making her wait until she's done with some paperwork. Margaret looks out the storefront and sees Nucky walking past, with a guffawing Lucy on his arm. Jeunet tells her to come in at 9 AM tomorrow for "a mentoring." Margaret, still depressed from her Lucy sighting (can't blame her there), glumly walks out ... and on her way, she surreptitiously grabs a silky slip dress off a hanger and stuffs it into her purse. An act of rebellion and a way to bolster a dowdy wardrobe. Margaret might just be in the game too.

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How is Boardwalk Empire like the Muppet Babies of the gangster genre? Watch vloggers Beth & Val explain:

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