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Back in Chicago, Sheridan's lead goon is dressing up after a go-round with a supremely bored Pearl. He tells her she doesn't even seem like a whore -- that Jimmy's got good taste. Again, she's not impressed with his flattery. He calls her over for "something to remember [her] by." At this point, I'm standing and yelling at Pearl to get outta there. He touches her face, then pulls out a knife . "You're like a fuckin' angel," he says, then brings the knife down in a diagonal slash across her face. Pearl screams and falls to the floor. Downstairs, you can hear her, and in the commotion, Sheridan's other men start shooting around indiscriminately, before running out.

On the boardwalk the next day, Margaret walks to work and passes by a newspaper stand: "Russian Princess Revealed as a Fraud!" the headline screams. And then a little farther down the page: "HBO Prestige Drama Puts Too Fine a Point on Character's Disillusionment."

Meanwhile, Eli is giving Nucky the update from the Chalky/Klan interrogation. Obviously, the severed finger is going to lead to problems down the road, but for a guy who didn't seem too concerned about seeing justice done for Chalky, he also doesn't seem too worked up about the Grand Cyclops getting his finger lopped off. Maybe Eli's dominant trend is just lazy complacence? Eddie comes by with some papers to sign -- Senator Edge's bill, for one. Dude rang up $1800 in one night, and Nucky still didn't get his appropriations money guaranteed. He looks supremely dissatisfied.

Jimmy goes to see Pearl, but the poof-hating Madam tells him -- not unkindly, but more sadly -- that she's just been given a sedative and needs to rest. She offers to put the flowers he brought into a vase. He peeks inside before he goes and sees Pearl's Lillian Gish face wrapped up in bloody bandages. Behind Jimmy, Al Capone fat face -- also scarred, though the effect isn't nearly as tragic -- looks on. You'd hope the fact that his actions and attitude directly led to what happened to Pearl would imbue him with some humility. He grabs Jimmy by the back of the neck and points to his own face: "It happened to me, and I'm still beautiful.", then?

Mickey Doyle is with the brothers from Philly -- the ones all named after popes and whose number sits anywhere from four to forty. He's telling them that they hung "the wrong coon" when they strung up Chalky's driver. They scoff that it likely got the message across all the same. "He probably crapped his drawers," the one brother (Ignatius?) says, of Chalky. So it looks like Al Capone isn't the most divorced-from-reality mobster on this show's canvass, then. Even Mickey looks at this guy like he's a moron. MICKEY! After Mickey makes fun of their pope names some more, Theo holds a pair of scissors to Mickey's neck, and Leo demands their money. Mickey has an idea: jack one of Nucky's ward bosses on his way to make a payment. "It's candy from a baby, I tell ya." (Again, cliché hadn't been invented yet, remember.) Mickey seems awfully gleeful about stealing from Nucky, after being so unceremoniously dumped. He's even brought back the wheezy giggling.

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