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So Al boosts the truck, a terrified Van Alden taking the passenger seat, and they drive off with a load of liquor and trouble for Van Alden.

Back at the poker game, things don't appear to be going any better for Rothstein. The bet's to him, and he stalls for time by asking Nucky if he remembers their first encounter. Nucky does; A.R. needed supplies for a wedding. While our heckler friend from before stews a little more -- and rightly, if fatally, so -- Rothstein needles Nucky about being a type he recognized: "Small-town gladhander peering over the fence, eager to stick his finger in a new piece of pie." Nucky says he doesn't like pie. "Everything you want from me is on the table," Rothstein tells him, which doesn't exactly impress Nucky. "Jesus Christ. Do you need to send for a priest? Maybe not in your case," says the heckler, and Meyer steps in again, asking if the heckler has any idea who he's talking to. "Someone who's taking a long time to lose," is the heckler's response. Meyer starts to move in, and Rothstein waves him off again, telling him it's all "an aspect of the contest."

And then Rothstein -- much to Meyer's chagrin -- has to ask for $200,000 from the house, insisting on it when Nucky tries to suggest there are other games. "There's only the game you're in now," responds Rothstein. The floor man brings Rothstein his chips, and he immediately pushes them into the pot. "All in," he says, and Nucky calls him. Nucky lays his cards on the table -- flush, queen high -- even though when you call someone, he turns over his cards first. Can't tell you if it used to be different in the '20s, or if this is simply dramatic license. At any rate, Rothstein figured Nucky for a straight. "Then you figured me wrong again," says Nucky. Rothstein tosses in his cards, and the dealer pushes the chips to Nucky. "Nice getting to know you, Arnold," says Nucky, standing up. Rothstein sits and stews.

You know who's having a much better time? Eddie and Ralph. They're at a German speakeasy, with a drunk Eddie suddenly realizing Ralph's missed his train. Eddie wins over the bar by pointing out that trains are like whores: "You miss one, you hop on the next one." Ralph orders up another round, while Eddie's drinking buddies are pleased to hear about Eddie's promotion, for a couple of reasons: One, it means he's not going to be complaining like he apparently always does of having to shine Nucky's shoes, and two, because it's hilarious to imagine Eddie spraying bullets out of a Tommy gun. Then they break into German singing, which I assume is what always happens in German bars even to this day. Ralph asks for a translation, and apparently the song is about the Rhine, being young, and a pretty girl. Jesus, pick a theme! They sing for half an hour, long enough for Ralph to start picking up some of the lyrics.

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