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Chalky comes in to let Nucky know that Rothstein -- who bought in to the poker game for $100,000 -- is requesting the pleasure of Nucky's company, although judging from Chalky's face, "pleasure" might be stretching it.

Speaking of Willie and his growing pains, Willie and his buddy have busted into a science lab and are taking stock of all the chemicals and substances there, some of which are under lock and key. Scootch suggests castor oil, which Willie says isn't strong enough, and then "milk of magnesia," because when they broke it down in class, he "got the squirts" just sniffing it. "I like your thinkin', Lincoln," says Willie, who decides they'll whip up their own batch. And just like that, a real sense of dread creeps over the proceedings, as Willie looks through the ingredients based on their best recollections of what milk of magnesia is made from.

You know, I could probably stand to watch the adventures of Eddie Cantor and Ralph Capone all day? They're eating together, Eddie sniffing at Ralph dousing his steak in sauce, and Ralph suggesting Eddie come to Chicago where he can get a prime rib the size of a manhole cover. And in Chicago there are "lot of Krauts" so Eddie would feel right at home. Presumably as long as he doesn't baffle them like he does Ralph here by using the term "chargé d'affaires" to describe what he does for Nucky.

The wine continues to flow (Eddie not stopping drinking so as to not make Ralph drink alone) and the two continue getting to know each other, discussing last summer's bloodbath between Nucky and Rosetti. Eddie seems a little proud to have a war story to tell, and Ralph explains that he runs a bottling plant and makes sure the books look good. Eddie talks about his two sons, who are grown and living in Germany. Sure, lotta Krauts in Germany! One's an assistant to a burgermeister (which Ralph thinks is a chef and Eddie lets that go) and the other is a dental surgeon. Eddie came over after their mother died to start a new life, which Ralph can relate to, what with coming from New York all the way to Chicago. They toast each other, and Ralph invites Eddie to call him "Bottles." I don't know how they did it in New York, Ralph, but in Chicago you don't get to pick your own nickname.

Over at Temple, Scootch and Willie are at the party -- and the manic jitterbugging girl is back -- and staring at Henry, waiting for an opening to spike his drink. First, though, Doris has to happily stroll up to see if Willie's having fun and compliment him, but he freezes her out because he thinks she was part of what happened last time. She's hurt. "Have it your way," she says, and apparently opts to punish him by dancing with Henry. But that's the distraction Willie needs, because Henry puts his drink down, and a determined Willie strides across the floor and pours from his flask into Henry's cup. I guess the only question was whether someone else -- Doris, namely -- would pick it up, but almost immediately after Willie spikes it and leave, Henry comes back and takes a sip. Willie and Scootch watch from across the room, and Henry seems OK so far. Well, for a second or so, because then all of a sudden the manic dancing girl is blocking him from view like CLEAR THE SHOT PLEASE.

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