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Also The Cover Charge Was Ridiculous

The latter, of course. Willie and his buddy check on the remaining liquor -- there's only a few bottles left, for about twenty expected people. Does Willie really want to go through all this again? His buddy sheepishly says that he was "sozzled" last time, or else he wouldn't have let the Boner-Shaming Gang bust in on Willie and Doris. Willie accepts this, and says it's only due to his fear of what his dad would so to him that he didn't take out a few of Henry's teeth. "Probably just have his dad buy him new ones," says Willie's buddy, and they both laugh. Ha ha, fathers providing dental care for their children! Willie's buddy -- did we get a name yet? Is it something 1920s hilarious, like Dink? Or Scootch? Or Gigglin' Jake? -- reminds Willie that Henry will be there tonight. But Willie's got a plan: cut three bottles into six, which should be enough to get everybody tight. Uh, I know they're not experienced drinkers, but if the six bottles of watered-down booze is enough to get everyone drunk, then so are the three non-diluted bottles. Meanwhile, there's a partially full bottle that Willie's got for his "ol' pal Henry." Scootch looks at Willie, unsure if he's supposed to smile or what.

It's Capone collection time, with Frank and Al bringing Van Alden on the road with them and studiously ignoring Van Alden's discomfited excuses as to why he's got to get home, like his wife cooking some sort of disgusting stew or something. The Capones are at the door of one Jerry Flancie. Frank and Al play charming gangster/pushy gangster with the woman who answers the door, Frank convincing her that they've "come a long way to see our pal," and also possibly to have sex with him later. She lets them in so they can go upstairs to Flancie's door. We stay outside, though, getting to hear just the sounds of someone banging on a door, someone yelling -- and then Flancie comes flying out a second-storey window, landing on the roof of the Model T parked on the street. Judging from Al's grin through the broken glass, he could not be prouder. Van Alden looks out the window, grimacing.

Over at the Onyx, Eli's watching people dance from Nucky's sitting room, when Nucky asks him if he thinks he can run things if the Tampa thing pans out. He's surprised to hear Nucky's considering moving, but Nucky says McCoy's a good man but can't build a city from the ground up. But this is home, says Eli. "You've got family." "You've got family," says Nucky. Eli takes offense to this, and you're thinking he has a point, and then you remember that Eli did once try to take Nucky down. Nucky knows what he means, but still says it's not the same. Eli says whatever Nucky needs, he'll take care of it, and appears to be touched that his brother would consider him for it. Nucky wants Eli to bring the money to Tampa if Rothstein kicks in; Eli's reluctant to be far away from Willie and his "growing pains" at university, but agrees, since Nucky says it'll be four days, tops.

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