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Over in the Harlem office of the Universal Negro Improvement Association, Dunn Purnsley is buttering up Narcisse's office. Why, Purnsley appears to have been lying about his mom being sick! Narcisse says he finds it ostentatious; it's actually the office of (Marcus) Garvey, who is currently fighting deportation. Purnsley asks what Garvey did. "He founded this organization," says Narcisse simply. He wants to get to the point: he takes it by Purnsley's presence that he "is a negro in need of improvement." Purnsley just smiles and proudly puts an envelope (presumably the cash-filled kind) down on Narcisse's desk. Narcisse's eyes widen slightly, which for him is a thunderclap of outrage. "You are far from home," says Narcisse, which — noting Dunn's broad features — he guesses is either Senegambia or Loango.

Purnsley explains that "the green" is from the powder, and a very aggrieved Narcisse (that'd be Dr. Narcisse to you, Purnsley, and everyone else) says this is the office of the Universal Negro Improvement Association. "This is not that," says Narcisse, his eyes flicking from Purnsley to the cash. Purnsley thought Narcisse would be pleased by his initiative, but instead he's pissed that his explicit order — to meet in Atlantic City — was ignored. "It's a shame you wasted your trip, Mr. Purnsley," says Narcisse, raising his hand to silence Dunn's explanations, and won't even look at him — much like Purnsley's current employer — and Purnsley leaves, looking not overly impressed. Of course, once Purnsley's gone, Narcisse pockets the envelope.

Ralph Capone is at the train station, looking around, and finally spots Eddie standing with the whitest carnationest white carnation in his lapel. "You should take out an ad, why don't you," says Ralph to stiff Eddie. Ralph would like the money now please, but is annoyed when by-the-book Eddie awaits the password, but delivers it anyone: "You got a package for Mr. Brown?" Yep. It's from Mr. Pink!

Job done, Eddie wants to go, but Ralph is looking for a bite to eat that's better than the usual train station fare. And I guess he's lonely, what with Al and Frank livin' it up back in Chicago while he runs errands, because he convinces an initially reluctant Eddie to escort him to The Knife and Fork for some steak n' spuds. "I eat here again, I'll get the trots," says Ralph, and Eddie comes around and offers him a lift.

Should we see what Margaret's up to? Or should we head over to Temple University for a plot that no doubt will have wider repercussions but right now just seems to be wasting time?

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