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Also The Cover Charge Was Ridiculous

Over at the Thompson house, Eli strolls into Willie's room with a fresh load of folded laundry, and finds his son asleep on his textbooks. For a guy who broke his son's balls over, you know, having friends at university, Eli's surprisingly good-humored at Willie's lapse in 24/7 studying. He points out the laundry and tells Willie to thank his mother, and then picks up the book he's reading: "Tess of the de — urber?" It's Tess of the d'Urbervilles, which Eli can't say. Willie's all, "Beats me," which is not what his father wants to hear at two-hundred dollars a semester.

But Eli's got another reason for coming; his wife said Willie's been moping around the house. Willie's reluctant to discuss anything, waving off his dad's guesses of "grades?" or "a girl?" Willie says, "I'm just not happy there." You can imagine Eli's sympathy: "You're there to get an education. You think I'm happy?" As inspiring a speech as this is, it fails to cheer Willie up. He complains about the other guys, and apparently Eli can't conceive of a world where being the son of a disgraced sheriff fails to make a kid the most important student at school: "You're a Thompson. Who are they?" Well, he's the only one there from Atlantic City, for one thing, but for Eli, that's just because he's the only boy from Atlantic City anyone needs to know. Eli reminds his son that he's there to make something of himself, so he needs to try harder. Oh, and Eli doesn't want to hear any more of his son's first-world problems anymore. Aw, it's just like The Cosby Show! Eli manages to soften up a bit as he reminds his son that he's got broad shoulders: "Remember why you're there. Do what you gotta do."

We're well into Episode Four with still no sign of Margaret, so it's at the point now where I see a nurse and I assume that it's a Margaret scene coming, thinking that wherever she is she's either receiving an abortion or telling someone else to get one.

But it's just the hospital where the Capones' Jake is being treated. Al's throwing Jake's hospital food in the trash, while Frank's handing him ricotta with white sauce, to calm his stomach. Jake tells them he'll be out in a week, and he only missed three pickups. Good lord! The Capones are actually much more understanding than many employers I've had. And I don't recall any time that I needed time off for sickness that resulted in my boss visiting me in the hospital with a wad of cash and offering to give some to the nurses so I could get a nice sponge bath. Then Al and Frank start reminiscing about the last time they did pickups together, which was back when they were in the Five Points Gang. Capone guffaws, saying he's still got splinters from the guy with wooden teeth, and the next thing you know, the Capones are planning to get back in the saddle.

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